OT: Tulane gets OU at Yulman to open 2021 schedule

Good for Tulane




OU doesn’t duck anybody. Unlike a few others near and not so dear to us.

But to play them on campus and not the Superdome is more than most expect. Would have been nice to get OU at TDECU.


Probably would have taken a 2:1 to get that done, and we didn’t want that.


Food is better at Yulman


2:1 is better than a 1:neutral in my opinion



NRG is our backyard, not really neutral


Well, opinions vary.

2 for 1’s is submission !


I am of opinion we have to beat the bigs boys at their place to be considered one of the big boys. Yeoman played Texas in Austin and Michigan State up in Lansing.


So, other than getting the crap beat out of them for 3 games, I expect it is all about the $$$$$ .

At least Tulane will have 1 sellout that year. Let’s see 28K sooners vs 2 K green wavers !


Personally, I believe in CKS’s approach. Don’t talk to anyone that will not do a home and home.

In other words, act like a BIG BOY !

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We are not big boys. We were once big boys and we have potential to be that again but we have to beat these guys to be be big boys again. The only way we either get into a P5 or raise the AAC to P6 is to do what we did in 15 and 16 which is beat the titans. But we can’t beat them if we don’t play them.

Getting home and homes from mid to low level P5s is nice but we have to beat the titans. We have to wow people.


And this is why we get really bad P5s for our OOC. The Texas kickoff vs OU dropped in our lap.

Who else have we played marquee in the last decade?

It dropped in our lap because OU thought when they signed the deal that they had an easy game for the local alumni.


So, you think UH got into the SWC because ut ties UH in Austin ?

It was politics, like it always is.

The entire time we were in the SWC, we were treated like a red headed step child. We were successful even though they tried every trick in the book to make it otherwise.

And look at us now.

Like I said sitting in the stands in Austin as the refs handed ut the tie, you don’t want to be in a conference with these bastards.

My opinion hasn’t changed.

By the by, Arkansas, a$m, Missouri, Colorado, and Nebraska all saw the light. We weren’t so lucky.

I’m with CKS.

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Had we beat the big boys at their place regularly, we would be invited back not receive invites from their conference mates

Actually we were treated as the red headed child in a blond family.

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Louisville was a top 10 team with a Heisman trophy winning QB in 2016 when we played them here. and gave them a butt kicking.

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