OT: UAB@Temple (100-72) Betting Investigation

As if the savvy didn’t already know to bet against a Temple team that would just be going through the motions against a surprisingly small number (1.5) up to (7) vs a motivated UAB team.

I trsck college point spread moves like very few do. A 4 point move is not that rare, and opening that game at 1.5 was s big mistake to begin with. It shouod have been 4.5 if not higher.

NBA totals will move big time.

I don’t see anything. Just poor numbers established by the bookmaker(s), and those in the know taking advantage.

Funny how another example was the Memphis game, and even then anyone going in after the opening number lost their money or got a push. From 6.5 to 10.5 and with a 7 point game at the buzzer money was lost, or at least that’s what happened to the suckers.