OT: UH brings back Ice Hockey. How is the market and FANBASE for hockey in Houston?

A fun discussion. Say we do realign, why not use the money to sponsor more sports?

Men: soccer, hockey, swim, maybe wrestling?

Women: gymnastics, lacrosse, rugby, ice hockey, fencing?

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bring hockey, huge Stars fan but I am always down to see hockey anytime, anywhere

Curling. …. Highlights of United States v Sweden - Bronze medals - LGT World Women's Curling Championship 2021 - YouTube


I can tell you if Illinois hasn’t been able to move forward with its plans to add Division I hockey (and it hasn’t), then there is virtually no hope that UH will ever field such a team.

What I think is more realistic is for UH to add women’s gymnastics (Simone Biles has even said that she’s consider coaching such a team), and men’s lacrosse.


What!?! No quidditch?


Rice has a nationally ranked team. Houston might not be be big enough for 2.

Women’s beach volleyball.

Fastest growing sport in the country and in ncaa. Annual tournament in Gulf Shores, Alabama.

Relatively low cost of facilities and scholarships. We already have a basic court on campus.

Could help with indoor volleyball recruiting.

Texas schools already competing are HBU, a&m Corpus Christi, shsu, sfa, tcu and Abilene Christian.

Lots of Florida schools… Lots of California schools. Could help with future conference considerations.

I think we could be competitive very quickly.


I think that men’s soccer makes the most sense from a competitive standpoint, but due to Title IX, it is likely that only (or mostly) women’s sports would be added.

One thing that would definitely stabilize is the support for the band/cheer/dance funding.


yes I vote women’s beach volleyball


Man. I read the title as we were going to have a hockey team. Would have been awesome.

One year my High School had a fake hockey team. They would give updates on our announcements and use real students names as being on the team. It was actually believable for a while.

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Women’s gymnastics (if biles really wants to coach) … And men’s soccer, Houston is too good of a soccer city to not have a team


I kid you not!

Simone Biles really did say that she’d consider coaching a gymnastics team if UH had one back in 2018.

See here:

UH alum Shannon Miller, the USA’s second greatest gymnast of all time, has also expressed a desire to see UH have a team.

See her Twitter post on the topic.



Ice Hockey for sure…here’s a radio ad from the old Aeros:

On Ice….
With Sticks…….”

Bring It !!!

And who can say No to Shannon Miller…

I laugh because I alway called Curling ‘The Good Housekeeping Game’

Scrub scrub scrub

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I love curling. I proudly display my Bonspiel trophy for winning an industry invitational. Great sport and fun for the whole team. And like bowling, lots of beer drinking.

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I was in a Curling club and played in its lowest level league when I lived in Fairbanks, AK (2001-2003).

Lots of fun. Pretty much every Curling Club has a big bar inside, and after a match, everybody goes upstairs for drinks.


Men’s Soccer, women’s gymnastics, lacrosse for both

Lets get an NHL team here then UH


I’m on board for women’s beach volleyball. I really enjoy them in their outfits playing volleyball.

Gymnastics would be good because of the possibility of Biles and Miller’s involvement/ coaching the team.

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I had to laugh when you said ACU sponsors women’s beach volleyball. Somehow I can’t envision female ACU students in those ultra-small bikinis. When I attended in the early 60s female cheerleaders wore knee length skirts and majorettes in the band wore trousers. The next thing you know the school will sponsor student dances. Oh, how the mighty have fallen. The Church of Christ is going to screw around and have nothing to look down on everybody else over.

I don’t think ice hockey is realistic. I am thinking about recruiting now. I would like to see men’s swimming. Not a huge fan of gymnastics so I abstain. Rugby, no. Fencing, no. Wrestling, yes. I’d like to see rowing. Lots of water around Houston for rowing.

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