OT: Want to buy a stake in the Pac-12 Conference? It’s exploring taking on private equity partners

This is crazy…however, would be interesting to see someone like Fertitta or other UH boosters try to get involved and push the conference for expansion.

The “Pac-12 NewCo” plan was introduced to the conference presidents and chancellors at their mid-November meeting and was subsequently discussed in a conference call in December, per sources. Private investors would own 10 percent equity in the newly formed entity in exchange for a $500 million investment.



This has the potential to be a game changer. In all this media rights, expansion discussion over the years, I never thought of nor read about equity investments in a conference. This is indeed a unique concept.

For UH, this may present opportunities. TF may kick the tires, possibly assemble an investment group. I could see UH inclusion as part of an investment deal. Not sure if university presidents would be on board as it would dilute their influence on conference decisions.


It makes no sense, investors want a return on thier money. At that level of investment I better make a 20% return…how in the hell are they going to do that…a cash stream of 100 mil a year…or growth in the value of the conference at the same %
all they want to do is spread the money across the schools. Is that going to guarantee the schools’ product gets better on the field? will that beat alabama in the MNC game?


Agreed. The 5 billion dollar valuation for the “NewCo” is absurd. Moreover, they mentioned the high operating costs of the current PAC12 model but they didn’t mention what operational changes would be coming under this new umbrella.

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Private equity first move would be to squeeze admin costs to bone.


I’m good for 100 dollars if it gets us in the PAC.


Thanks and gotta read it when I get the chance but… Something has to happen to break the monopolistic gridlock the p5 enjoys. Maybe it has to come from “We The People”.

America has always loved the underdog. Currently the underdog is politically excluded from the chance.

I like old school sports of heart.


I would think investors would want them to reduce expenses as a condition of investing. However, might be a good move for a University’s foundation to invest.

Also, long term, if the conference breaks up or has a major change in makeup, how do you get out? I mean, what kind of exit plan would there be for an investor? There is nothing tangible they could sell at an appreciated value.

Without getting political because I know the rules.

If people are going to make money off of this college game than you better start with the players.

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The Pac-12’s presentation says the league will “hold super voting shares to ensure ongoing operational controls,” but that seems to infer that an investor would get some voting rights. If somebody buys 10 percent of the league and gets 10 percent of the votes, they’ll have more voting power than any individual Pac-12 school. Would USC be okay with, say, Goldman Sachs technically being more in charge of the Pac-12 than they are?

Guys guys guys, it’s a California style business proposition. It’ll work, don’t ask anyone to explain, just hand over some money and trust them. If you don’t get any money back, it’s fine, you’ve fulfilled your civic duty to allow the Stanford grads to enrich themselves while everyone else that needed help sinks further into poverty and despair. This is how California works so don’t worry it’ll be great.


I’m curious to know how would P12 expansion happen if the commissioner wants Houston for example? Would these shareholders have a vote on whether to expand or not? I’m not sure if this would be good for us or not. I know, uncle Tilman can buy up all the shares and vote us in himself. :grinning:


Looks like they’d have a vote.

Not sure how it would affect us though.

Don’t see how an investor would generate profit when the schools themselves are looking to generate a larger profit. Only thing I see come from this is a large group of Alumni from non Power 5 schools get shares of the Pac-12 Network and vote to allow their school in. Could be the only way a school like BYU or Boise State could get into the Pac-12. This could be a way into the Power 5 but its honestly for investors that want to push their school into the Pac-12. Maybe some of the Big 12 schools could buy shares in order to save themselves a spot if the Big 12 implodes if UT and OU leave.

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PAC 12 Looking into Public Relations.
Complaining their football and basketball programs are not ranked in top 25 of either sport. Hello!?! Just a thought, Expand into Texas! UH ready to go! Instant credibility!!


Just a thought but since they have brand issues, they could expand into CST (UH and OU) and rename the conference to American Pacific or APAC and get rid of the stupid number. Just a thought but adding the name American gives the conference a more nationalist feel.

I love our conference nickname, The American.

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Just throwing more money away. Larry Scott is doing everything he can to kill that conference. Crazy that the presidents are allowing it.

Saw an interesting segment on HBO’s RealSports and the ending conversation went along the lines of in the future the TV fan will be much more important than the paying fan. The money is going to come from TV and legalized betting.

So with that in mind, we are in the perfect position given our TV market and TV ratings. Plus our stadium/arena sizes are perfect. Just the right size to create the backdrop for a good TV program.

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The number of potential partners is seemingly greater this time given the warp-speed evolution of the media landscape.

Because there are so many potential bidders for the Pac-12 rights in 2024 — from legacy media companies to Over-The-Top distributors to Direct-to-Consumer players — there could be a wide variety of entities willing to partner with the conference now, in exchange for the cash infusion sought by the schools.

Scott emphasized that an investor would not own a piece of the conference itself but, rather, a minority percentage of the media rights holding company. He added that the conference currently has “capitalization” deals with media partners ESPN and Fox.

“That (new) entity would manage all of it with an investor,’’ Scott explained, “We could partner with someone who helps us develop plans.”

Only $500 million. :joy: