OT: You can choose 4 schools from the ACC to join the Big 12

Which 4 schools do you pick and why?

ACC Schools

  1. Duke
  2. NC State
  3. Wake Forest
  4. Georgia Tech
  5. Miami
  6. Virginia Tech
  7. Boston College
  8. Pitt
  9. Syracuse
  10. Louisville
  11. Stanford
  12. Cal
  13. SMU

Off Limits:

  1. FSU (assumed to be SEC or B1G)
  2. Clemson (assumed to be SEC)
  3. UNC (assumed to be SEC or B1G)
  4. Virginia (assumed to be B1G)
  5. Notre Dame (assumed to be Independent or B1G)
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Miami (football)
Virginia Tech (football)
Pitt (makes West Virginia happy. I really feel the Big 12 owes them something. Dunno)
Syracuse (basketball and their market)


Miami, Georgia Tech, Duke, Pitt


Syracuse over Duke?

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I’m choosing:

  • Miami
  • Louisville
  • Pitt
  • Georgia Tech

I have a feeling Duke ends up Big East. Virginia Tech is a great school, but it’s between them or Georgia Tech.

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North Carolina State (growing rich state with growing cities- we want into NC)

Virginia Tech- we can’t get Virginia but Virginia Tech gets us into Virginia

PITT’- fits in with West Virginia and Cincinnati

Georgia Tech- gets us into Atlanta and Georgia


No Miami?!?!?

No…we already are in Florida and its a small.private svhool.

That four adds North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Georgia to our footprint

  1. Duke - adds to our basketball dominance
  2. NC State - fills 50,000+ football, great tailgating, 10th soon to be 9th largest state in the Union
  3. Virginia Tech - Enter Sandman
  4. Louisville - probably would have largest athletic budget in Big12

Miami is indeed past their prime years.

The ACC attorney also recently declared that Florida only has three Power 5 schools: Florida, Florida State, and UCF

Probably an accident but hey it still says a lot


Yes…Miami is trending down. UCF is trending up.

I’d definitely add FSU but there are better options than Miami on the board

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I still feel like Miami is a valuable brand despite its declining relevance. Mostly just off of the momentum it has had throughout the years.

The U still has significant TV viewership


An acquaintance (friend of a friend) who went to Miami said to me that UH had no football relevance or history. He said it to me like there was no way I could be insulted. I long for the day that Miami gets left behind.

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NC State: football of course and a presence in NC, plus we can snag some better recruits for basketball considering it is a basketball state.

Georgia Tech: football and access to more east coast and southern recruiting areas.

Miami: another big city destination with hot women and partner for UCF.
Plenty of fast skill guys for the WR and DB position.

Pitt: can be used as a partner with WV and Cincinnati.
Plus they have been putting out good coaches in the NFL, maybe we can get a coaching pipeline going.

I think that NC State, VTech, Pitt & Louisville make the most long-term sense. Large public schools in new states.

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Miami, NCST, VT, GT

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One of Pitt or Louisville to make Cincinnati and West Virginia happy.
NC State
Virginia Tech
Georgia Tech for a team closer to UCF.

As someone who believes that nerd clout is meaningful for a school’s branding, I’d love to take Stanford, Cal, Duke, and Georgia Tech.

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Duke: cements our claim as the best basketball conference; NOT likely to go to the Big East if they want to continue to play power football


VaTech or Georgia Tech