OT: You can choose 4 schools from the ACC to join the Big 12

So everybody kept on saying how big Notre Dame fanbase is in football, but yet the school ranks way below Florida State and Clemson in TV viewership? Also, when we tried to get into the Power 5 all everybody kept crying about was how terrible our attendance was, but Miami has the same attendance problem that we have, but instead of using that as an excuse to leave Miami behind now everybody makes light of the problem that Miami has? What’s up with that? Is every problem that we have gets magnified, but every problem that Miami has gets ignored?


You’re looking at this wrong.

First off, Notre Dame is a mere scheduling partner with the ACC. Therefore, I’m sure viewership isn’t on a like for like basis when half their other games are against PAC/B1G teams.

Secondly, Notre Dame doesn’t rank “way below” Florida State and Clemson. They’re still in the upper echelon and have a national fanbase speaking geographically

Seems like Syracuse used to be good in football. Larry Cszonga (sp) and Jim brown played their.

Wonder what happened to them bc now they seem to struggle more often than not.

Jim Brown, Ernie Davis, Floyd Little, Larry Csonka, Jim Nance, Joe Morris, Daryl Johnston.

Just sayin’ . . .

Well, the TV rating for Notre Dame from above doesn’t reflect what you’re saying. Here’s what it shows…

I don’t understand the allure with Notre Dame, and im Catholic!

Being IN a Conference is the desired spot for everyone BUT ND apparently.

I watched close to ZERO Big 12 games before this season but now I was interested in learning about UH’S CONFERENCE MATES so i’ve watched many non UH Big 12 games because they directly ot indirectly effect UH.

I don’t care about Notre Dame…they aren’t in my Conference. Why should i waste 1 second of my time watching a team that has NO CONFERENCE affiliation.

They are on this odd island


Famous Syracuse sportscasters: Bob Costas, Marv Albert, Len Berman, Ian Eagle, Todd Kalas, Nick Wright. Oh excuse me on the last one. I forgot it is famous Syracuse sportscasters.

I’d switch Miami for Louisville, but I agree on the other three.

I’m trying to remember the last time I watched Notre Dame play in any sport


We like to dump on the whorns (rightly so), but when you’re talking “doing less with more”, notre dame should be top ranked…

mad cows u located in Austin football program does not compare to ND Football pedigree.

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It’s hard for me to pick NC State.


Of the non- FSU, Clemson, Virginia, North Candidates- North Carolina State and Virginia Tech HAS to be our two primary targets

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No, Duke HAS to be one of our targets, otherwise, we don’t pick up a blue blood in either of the major sports.

NC State doesn’t significantly improve the conference in either major sport.

But Duke would.

After that……I would add three out of Miami, VaTech, Pitt, and Louisville.

  1. Duke - obvious choice
  2. NC State - partner for Duke
  3. Miami - for ratings, the U
  4. Stanford - for academics

Not Stanford.

Even the ACC didn’t want them at full shares.

We’re not a charity.


Duke can be #3 or #4 but the second largest PUBLIC school in a top 5-10 state, like North Carolina, SHOULD be in our footprint.

Same logic for Virginia Tech

Public schools > ALL Private schools unless you are Notre Dame.

Public schools have a HIGHER ceiling.


Every conference needs a Vanderbilt type of team in football to make it look like we care about academics but also an easy win.

Stanford or Duke fits that choice for football.

I’ll take Duke.

Blue blood in basketball and what you said in football.

No one cares about Stanford’s synchronized swimming team.


It is stupid to think in terms of 4.

What teams load up our time zones and time slots.