OT: YouTube TV potentially losing ESPN

Streaming services have been a topic of conversation recently and was surprised that YouTube may lose ESPN channels if a deal isn’t reached.

A deal will likely be reached but still not a ‘done deal’. It would kill an entire streaming service.

I have Youtube TV and am watching this closely. If nothing happens by tomorrow, I’m switching to Hulu Live TV.


Yep same. Sucks cuz I love the YouTube tv interface compared to Hulu


I was thinking FuboTV since they have ATT SportsNet too but maybe I should look at Hulu since I already have an account there with my Disney Plus…

I have DirectTv live tv for a streaming service. It also has the ATT Southwest channels for the Astros. I’ve had YouTube, Hulu, and Sling and it’s by far my favorite. I bundled up so I have all the sports channels for about $90

We switched to Hulu

Sad that I am getting used to the idea of paying $90 per month for streaming…

When I cut my cord, AT&T was pushing DirectTV Go where I could stream on my AT&T mobile phone plan and not count against the data limits. At that time though, ATT SportsNet was not available and I found the streaming over the 4G to be spotty so I kept my PS Vue.

Maybe Google and Disney will reach an agreement sometime tomorrow and I can kick that decision down the road.

There is a part of me that doesn’t want ATT SportsNet so I won’t be tempted to watch Astros and Rockets games. I have managed to survive without it for many years.

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I had Fubo but they made it so hard to cancel I got a creepy vibe from them. I got their month free during the baseball playoffs three years ago. I just go with straight Sling and the sports package.

Can’t get CBSnn though.

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Youtube TV usually goes down to the wire with it’s TV partners and eventually strikes a deal in the 11th hour using the most negotiating leverage.

Not having ESPN on YoutubeTV would be a fatal mistake by Google, so I just don’t see it happening.

On Saturday morning we will all wake up with news that YoutubeTV and Disney struck a deal.


I agree. Its better for both. Look at the market trends. They need one another.

Me too. YouTube tv subscriber for years now. Disappointed. Will be switching to Hulu tv as well.

That would be fatal for you Tube, if I can’t watch bowl games I’ll dump their ass

Why is it that cable companies just don’t go the way of streaming? I know it’s written in the name “cable company” but Hulu, YouTube, and many other companies provide a cable tv services with Dvr via an app. Is it the infrastructure cable companies previously invested in that they wish to continue to provide? A cable box seems like having a land line phone these days and an extra expense for them to have manufactured. But as I write this I think I realize it’s about being a internet service provider first too?

Does anyone with xfinity want to tell me what’s the cost for all the sports channels thru them plus the internet package? I sometimes think it comes out to be more to stream than to have cable.

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I have xfinity with cable, internet, and phone. I have almost all of the ESPN sports channels except B1g, Pac!2, and Longhorn networks. I get Fox sports southwest, CBSSN, BSS, TNT, Tru, Golf channel, and NFL and a couple of others I can’t think of off hand. Then there’s Showtime and HBO that have about a half dozen channels each. Plus there’s a ton of stuff my bride watches like Hallmark, Home and Garden, plus all of the Disney channels and other stuff for the grandkids. Of course we get all of the standard channels and tons of music channels and lots of stuff I don’t watch.

I pay $237 a month unless my bride orders something like all of the Dallas series like she did recently to binge watch all of the seasons at $20 per season or we order a movie that’s a new release.


Thank you for that

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$67.99 Top 200 with Dish price lock. That’s about as much as I’m willing to spend.

I only had a dish based system once (DirectTV) when I lived in Kansas, and I’d never do it again.

The price and some of the sports action were better than cable, but the PPV was far worse and I had a big problem with losing reception during heavy rains.

Happened several times.

I wonder how Dish Network would be different.


I have Net through Xfinity = $80
I have Sling plus sports package $30

This basically gives me everything but Cbsnn and ABC.

The ABC is a biggie if it isn’t married to ESPN for that game.

Other than that I like it because I typically don’t watch many other teams. Plain vanilla for me = Coogs or nothing.

Oh, and I have espn+ $67 per year.


Fubo is great for football and futbol fans, i think its worth it