Other Conference Championship games

Baylor already rolling 14-3.

Two interceptions lead to 2 TD’s. BU defense is manhandling the Cowboys.

OSU qb looks out of it.

OSU got that fumble recovery and quickly moved down field. They settled for a FG and it has been all BU since then.

I was rooting for the cowboys because they have the best chance to make the playoffs from Big 12 with a win but Baylor with a good start- they might win

I think Baylor needs help. Georgia, Houston and maybe Iowa would probably have to win. That would probably Baylor and ND in.

I think a 2-loss Bama gets in over a 2-loss Big XII Champ Baylor unless Georgia crushes Bama.


I think if Baylor wins there’s almost no chance of a big 12 playoff team. $ loves ND cuz of the TV market, fan base, national brand etc. And the chances of all 3 of the above dominoes are slim to none


yeah and an Iowa upset is highly unlikely unless Michigan collapses completely

Baylor wins this one

Yeah OkState not looking good at all

Rooting for Oklahoma State, Alabama, Michigan, and Pitt.

Hard for me to root for baylor, but they are carving the cowboys up. This one
may not even be close.

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That is a lateral, Cowboy ball

Agree…but does the review team .

Yup, agreed.

Ahh!! Freaking refs, but i guess the “inconclusive “

Wow this one might be over already

Whelp, see how turnover can change the game. Turnovers don’t care about rankings or vegas