Other Games: Week 1/10 to 1/16

Nothing much on tonight since NCAAM did not want to go head-to-head with NCAAF CFP

Tuesday has some decent games:
Hofstra @ Towson - CBSSN 4 PM (Hofstra now 9-6, 1-1)
Tech @ Baylor - ESPN2 6 PM
Iowa St @ KU - ESPN+ / Big XII 7 PM
OU @ UT - LHN 7:30 PM
Auburn @ Bama - ESPN 8 PM

Cincinnati @ Wichita St – both teams really need this AAC win but WSU has to get past 2nd place Tulane (6-7, 3-1) on Wed first
Sun, 12 PM ESPN

Memphis has 3 games between 1/12-1/20 with two interesting road games: @ UCF on Wed and @ ECU on Sat.

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Auburn might smash Bama tbh… have you seen Alabama’s run of form after our game? Also I think Auburn at least makes the E8 in March

Ohio State @ Wisconsin on Thursday should be important for seeding purposes in the B1G

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Have you seen the home cooking that Bama gets in Tuscaloosa? It would be a good win for Bama – I won’t be rooting for Bama to win though since I cannot get past the air handshake move by their coach.


I agree, imagine how much we woulda beat them if the refs let us get 1 rebound without calling a foul.

15? 25?

Davidson played them literally down the street from Tuscaloosa and I don’t remember them being unable to get a board without getting called for a foul? And they won :joy:


Alcorn State won at Bama State

Oregon won by 2 at OSU Beavers despite 44% FT shooting!

Key AAC match-up Wed night-- Memphis @ UCF.
UCF must win pretty much to improve their resume & Net rankings.

Auburn is really good, on a different level than Bama imo

Bama -3 tonight at home against AP #4.

Weren’t they -1.5/1.0 with us? Vegas respect ya’ll.

Stanford giving undefeated USC problems, but in front of an empty arena?! Did California or the colleges institute no fans games again over there?

Seeing boogie ellis play with little mobley in southern cal and seriously, he won the transfer lottery getting out of memphis.


Looks like USC is about to take the first L of the season

down 66-70 with 43 secs left

Tech and Baylor tied at 33 in the beginning of the 2nd half. Are we sure Tech didn’t upgrade at coach lol

I hope Tech wins. Baylor is probably the only school I cannot stand. And that is one school that none of my kids will ever go.


No wonder Baylor is building a much smaller arena. Sounds like Tech has a huge crowd in Waco.


Only that I can thk of is all the Tech students/Alums that live in DFW area drove to Waco. Esp being the students aren’t back in School yet. :thinking:

Raiders hanging tough

Boogie is a good kid. Glad to see him get the Hell outa Memphis.

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Tx tech what a dunk!! Baylor may go down.

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Excellent game. Go Tech

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Down 6. Hit a 3. 36.1. Down 3.