Other Games: Week 1/3 to 1/9

Saw this game on tonight: Good B1G match up

At Purdue. :thinking:20pt blowout is what I’m thinking.

Wisconsin has 1 great player. With average guys around him.

We locked down Wisconsin in the 2nd half. Against good teams, on the road, it’s gonna be tough for them to get Ws.

I could be wrong though😁

Wisky has the lead at the half. Hope they can hang on in the 2nd.

Wow. Wasn’t expecting that from Purdue. 24 pts in a half.

Last sentence on point. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::grin:.

I kidd, I kidd. Pulling for UW in this one.

Edey has thrown his elbow at the head area twice. He’s been called for offensive fouls on both but to me they both should have been flagrants

Purdue fan support is excellent.

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Johnny Davis is and will be the best player we play this whole season. He is as good as it gets. Unbelievable flow in his offense and a double double guy.

The refs reluctance to go to the monitor for the high elbows and that weird FT box out where the 35-yr-old Purdue guy threw an elbow at Vogt on the floor has been “interesting”

(Edit: While I thought both should be reviewed, I thought the first one was more malicious than the second elbow)

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Agreed. They they let him travel a couple of minutes ago then calls a foul on Wisconsin defender

I really thought Wisc was toast with the foul trouble on their bigs but they are competing well on the road.

I am glad I resisted criticizing Davison on my last post – he hit two big 3s to help Wisconsin. I could have been that guy on Coogfans with my awful take.

Edit: Ugh! Timekeeper screws up and now Wisconsin has to inbound at mid-court with no more timeouts remaining and cannot move to get it in bounds.

35 pts 14 rebounds - Johnny Davis I wonder if CKS will ever get a player of this caliber. If he does, watch out.

Damn. We just had an All-American last year.


Huge W for UW.

“On Wisconsin”

There is all American and then there is this all American. Unbelievable player Johnny Davis. Single-handedly beat a top 5 team.

Wisc’s W certainly won’t hurt our metrics


The Badgers are, in essence, our surrogate in the BIG Conference that can’t count - so this win has to be a boost for our RPI or NET or whatever the trendy metric is. It does seem to make obvious that there are a great number of good teams who are roughtly equivalent - and with a full compliment of players UH had no reason not to be considered as strong as any of them (maybe Baylor is a bit above). Now, I am truly intrigued to see what the team that is can do.

Brad Daugherty said how well Johnny played against Houston showed the kind of respect he has of Houston. Thanks to the genius of CKS we shut them down in 2nd half and almost won that game.

Or at least help balance out the two games against South Florida coming up.

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