Other Games: Week 1/31 to 2/5


We play Cincinnati on Sunday. Would’ve been nice if they had to play Memphis. Now they’re well rested, can start early preparing for us




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Marquette is balling

Marquette is on pace to drop 50 on Villanova in the first half

Wisconsin loses @ Illinois

Like most UT coaches remember how to coach after they leave Austin

Y’all watching UCLA @ Arizona?

Both teams can shoot. Good game so far.

Watching but Walton is ridiculous

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I’m one of the few who likes listening to Big Bill!
Just have to push aside the antics.

Edit: besides the Game of Century. Other thg
UH & UCLA have in common. The top 2 greatest players from ea School were Centers .
UH - 1. Hayes 2. Olajawon
UCLA-- 1. Alcindor 2. Walton

San Francisco is taking BYU behind the woodshed

We deserved a UH/UCLA matchup soon. Las Vegas during Thanksgiving would be a great neutral court game if they don’t want to do a 1 and 1 series.

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