Other games week of 12/20

TTU vs Eastern Washington on ESPN+ is pretty entertaining. Eastern Washington shoots all 3s basically.

@Jcoop9 …I think you set the date in the DeLorean to the wrong time.

Lol fixed

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It’s early…but apparently UT is still pissed about the Memphis game and is taking it out on Arizona.

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Memphis is lucky that game got cancelled. Tennessee would’ve buried them alive.

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Arizona takes the lead.

Hofstra with another good road win at Monmouth. Monmouth was 46 in NET and won at Cincy, Pitt, St. Joe’s, and Towson.


Virginia Tech up 4 @ Duke. 2nd half starting now

I’ve given up on Virginia. Lost by 17 at home to a meh Clemson team. Their Providence win is the aberration not the bad losses.

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