Other Saturday Action (9/16)

Through 1, Oklahoma State looks like a national championship contender. Up 21-0 at Pitt.

Memphis vs UCLA is a garbage fire so far. 7-7, lots of turnovers, should have been more.

Air Force looks like they’re keeping it close with Michigan early.

Aggies are tied at 14 with ULL. Sumlin’s goose is cooked.

How the f is Michigan ranked 7th?

No rankings till Oct 1.

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Horrible fake FG by aTm. If you think having the holder go for it on 4th and 1 is better than giving it to your RB, you might be in trouble

But you can’t give it to the RB on 4th and 1! That’s too predictable!

There is no way an SEC team can gain 1 yd on a predictable running play. Watch wTf u if you don’t believe me.

Aggies losing 14 to 21 vs LA-Laf at halftime.
On SEC Network.

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I see there was an INT and then a fumble on the next play. No other turnovers the entire first half.
Being a bit overly dramatic calling that “lots of turnovers.”

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Yeah. I got ahead of myself. Honestly, I had just switched over from the Oklahoma State game at that point.

I don’t know who the holder is, but he looked very unathletic on that play. But I really wanted home to pitch it to the open kicker. That would have been very entertaining. I’d bet that kicker was thinking “please no. Don’t pitch it”

TAMU down at the half

I feel for Memphis. They lost a lot on Defense in week one, already 2 guys headed to the locker room today.

Memphis is looking good!!!

-22 yards rushing for aTm in the 1st half

Memphis with a pick 6 on Rosen. They’re up 41-31 middle of the third.

That pick was terrible. I don’t know how Rosen didn’t see the defender there.

Meanwhile, the Aggies appear to be pulling away from the Ragin’ Cajuns. 31-21 late in the 3rd.

Can someone explain to me why Memphis is kicking the ball short… and giving josh Rosen a short field

This literally saves sumlins job this week

10 point wins over Nicholls and ULaLa are reasons he gets fired