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It would be awesome if Georgia, Alabama, Notre Dame and Clemson get into the playoffs.

That would mean that 3 P5 leagues, the Big 10, the Big 12 and the PAC get shut out of the playoff $$$.


I would think Tech would go after Dykes - plus he is very available. Many of their alumni love the guy.

Remember Hermie’s record against ranked teams at Houston? 6-0

Record against ranked teams at UT? 0-4


I think a lot of that is predicated to not being able to play the undercard role in Austin


How so?

Could it be that his players didn’t buy into his culture?


Aggie buds say Sumlin history and Chad Morris is in.

I think herman’s Success was mostly due to two factors-Orlando and ward (who was able to make a lot of his plays on his own to bail out an offense that is very conservative in nature). At ut, the defense is great. However, the offense is terrible. If they had a playmaker at qb they could and probably would finish with 9 or 10 wins.

In the end you wonder how much of hermans success was getting lucky by inheriting ward (who was 6-2 as a starter under Levine) and making one good hire at DC among what looks like a developing track record of bad “buddy” hires. You couple those two factors with a bunch of smoke and mirrors and Herman marketing bs and everyone buys into the hype that he’s the next Nick Saban

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That, and the “H-Town Takeover” was Hermroid’s not so well disguised siren call to the folks associated with UT-Austin. You better come get me now before I takeover your primary recruiting area. That, and UH beating OU at Reliant was the final straw and deal maker.

IMHO at that point, the UT folks just had to have Herman that year no matter what the cost. When I told that to a friend (K State Alumnus) whose kid was a recent scholarship athlete at UT, and who is still pretty close to DeLoss Dodds (who still has an office at UT), he didn’t agree.

He asked why I thought that would happen and I told him that history has shown us that the arrogance of UT-Austin Alumni would never allow someone like Herman to stay at UH and overshadow them. Then he said he didn’t think that I was right and they would give Strong another year, so I said just wait a few more weeks and you’ll see. I knew it was bound to happen by the end of the regular season.

So a few weeks later it was - Sorry Charlie! - Hello Tommy! No big surprise to anyone that’s paying attention.

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Fire a coach who wins 8 games a year in the SEC for one averaging 5 a year in the AAC. Must be Aggie logic.


Agree completely about Herman’s success being tied to inheriting Ward and hiring Orlando. If I recall, a number of the coaches committed to 2-years at UH. I’m not sure if any conditions or loyalty exist with Orlando and Herman but if the money is right and Orlando is offered a good gig he’d be foolish to turn a HC job down.

I’d love to see him bolt. Herman would be in a heap of trouble without that D. As much as I don’t like Herman for being a a fraud he’s smart enough to understand the needs for a dual threat QB to make the offense work.

As for A & M they’re delusional if they think Franklin leaves PSU to take that job. 1. He’s from Pennsylvania. 2. PSU can match any offer. 3. He has a better shot at the playoffs in the Big 10. And, he’s only getting started 4. PSU has great facilities and fan support. No way he leaves that program for Aggiland.

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I’m thinking Sumlin ends up at UCF. Would be surprised if Frost doesn’t end up at Florida.

I honk Frost goes back to Nebraska.

Florida would be smart to look at Sumlin.

There is a recent history of fired SEC coaches getting another SEC job.
Will Muschamp@ Florida then SC.
Ed Oeaux @ Ole Miss then LSU.

I was thinking the same thing. I’m not sure why the Morris love other than SMU is absolute garbage when he arrived. They’re really not much better.

I don’t think Morris is anything like a Briles. As much as it sucks to say - a Briles is what a program like TAMU needs.

Sadly, I agree.

Wonder if they’d hire Kiffin to get Briles’ son.

Interesting thread on Herman via Baylor Board.
I dont agree w the premise.
Horrible Oline (besides Connor Williams who got hurt early but is still a high draft pic) & non running QB makes his offense awful. Seems like they are sucking it up to have it ready for next year. He will remedy that soon enough via recruits.

I do think Beck (the OC) will get run off for inability / unwillingness to adjust.

They want Morris cause hes an Aggie. Has he done enough? Some think its a crazy hire.

I wouldn’t touch Morris. He hasn’t done anything at SMU other than beat us last year. Would be a terrible hire for the Ags.

Longhorns are making all kinds of excuses this year about how they don’t have the talent. Ridiculous premise as they have the talent; they’re Texas. OL problems? Hmmm…we had a bunch of guys injured and were playing freshmen in 2015 and still won the Peach Bowl. Last year, the OL wasn’t good which makes me question if Warehime is any good as the line is much improved this year. Hermie hired a crap Offensive staff. Kind of wonder if CMA, along with Ward, had more to do with the success of the offense the last two years.

Saw something yesterday that said that UT has 5+ losses in 17 of the last 32 years. Entitlement culture has a hard time winning. Hermie lost that edge after the OU game; not sure he’ll get it back.

I just dont think his offense can work except vs total stiffs without a very mobile QB.

Finding a Greg Ward (great runner who can take the physical beating from days as WR) is tough but a similar skill set is a priority or they will be awful on offense again next year.

They went after Bryson Smith, but CMA (along with Ward, Bowser and B.Jones) was able to keep him at UH.

Surprised they aren’t after our commit, Julon Williams. He was basically begging for them to offer and he committed to us after not receiving one. His brother has called the UT staff out a few times on Twitter, but I think he’ll stay with us even if they come calling late from what I’ve heard. Mom made his brother keep a commitment to UTSA even after other schools came along. He’s another Ward/King type and would probably excel there.

Staff there is falling into the same UT trap of just recruiting stars instead of fits. Not really sad about it and I enjoy every loss.