Other Saturday action

Baylor up big vs Kansas. I guess Baylor gets a win this year :weary:

Aggies lose toAuburn today which means Sumlin has to win out (New Mexico, @OleMiss, @LSU) to go his normal 8-4.

Tech in OT against Kansas State today. Lose, and they may have to beat UT in Austin at the end of the year to be bowl eligible this year.

Not making our loss to them look good.

Edit: that’s it, Tech loses. Now have @Baylor, TCU and @UT and have to win 2 to get bowl eligible.

Wonder if Tech would go after Morris.

I assume Sumlin gets fired at 6-6 and 7-5, would he need 3 straight impressive wins to save his job?

I think he’s done no matter what he does at this point. Aggies are rumored to already be looking for replacements. Supposedly, Franklin at PSU is their first choice, but I don’t see that happening.

Wouldn’t be surprised to see Sumlin get another job right away.

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Kingsbury may be done also.

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Maybe the Aggies can hire Nick Saben (lol) and Sumlin can go to Arkansas.

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Yeah. I think the Tech fans have run out of patience.

Hermie and the boys got drilled by the Frogs today. They still have to win 2 against Kansas, @WV, and Tech.

Funny that the game between Tech and UT might be for a bowl spot.


Bielema’s got to be out at Arky. Beat Coastal Carolina by one at home. I think they chase Norvell hard.

B1G sweating bullets as their top two teams lost today, including Ohio State losing badly at Iowa.

They need Wisconsin to win out to have a shot at the playoff now.

OU/TCU in a big game next week that will probably be repeated in the CCG 3 week’s later. Hoping they split.


Miami looks really good tonight.

Notre Dame v Miami next week in a big one

Arizona might lose to USC

There are going to be a lot of openings after this season in college football. My hope is that Todd Orlando gets a gig because Herman without Orlando will probably produce nothing but losing seasons considering their ineptitude on offense

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Alexogar, that would be sweet!


Aggie fans are the most delusional group out there. The actually think they are a Top 5 blue-blood program. Fact is Sumlin is the most successful HC they’ve had in ages.


If I’m someone like East Carolina, I put Orlando at the top of my list.

I hope Notre Dame gets a playoff spot, simply because it will mean two P5 conferences miss out, and anything that screws the P5 cartel is all right by me, even if it means two SEC teams are in.