OU fans are as delusional as UT fans

Just checking out OU fan boards makes me realize how arrogance is contagious. They still repeat the same nonsense as the other big 12-2 schools about UH being a commuter school and bringing nothing to the table in terms of eyeballs like their games are watched more here than ours. I would really love to beat this team.

Regarding OU, I still fondly remember the comment by a former OU President that they wanted to have a university that their football team could be proud of. Hope they finally are able to achieve that goal with all the extra money that they have made off athletics over the years.

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OU was founded in 1890. It finally achieved Carnegie RV/VU in 2011, same year as UH.


Many of their fans are stuck in 1990 and can’t see UH past that date. Some do, to their credit. Others are just in denial. Some of them still believe the 610 Loop is Houston’s outter boundary. I posted that the population of Houston is greater than that of the STATE of Oklahoma. Some are still trying to assimilate that.

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