OU game - season ticket holders

Perhaps I am way behind and have missed notification, but do we know yet where our seats will be for the OU game? If my season tickets are 50 yard line, is it pretty safe to say I’ll receive 50 yard line for the OU game? Or is that just silly logic…

I have a feeling it will be similar as the Peach Bowl. UH is not going to have a whole sideline so doubt you will likely get a 50 yard seat.

I don’t see why we shouldn’t get most of one side. OU isn’t bringing that many people. I’m thinking 50/50.

Im just guessing. I also think the event will want to maximize on premium seating so they are not going to give all the best seats to schools.

Cougar Pride told me the OU tickets will be allocated based on our priority points. We have 50 yard line seats for home games under two CP members. Asked CP if we will sit together for OU and they said No.

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