OU Getting into a "Houston State of Mind"


OU Getting into a “Houston State of Mind”/

Sounds more like the Clampets are coming.


That was funny and spot on. There were some great photos from the past in that thread as well.

If you have any respectful suggestions please let them know.

And just to give you an idea what kind of mindset they are in:

“I think if the Sooners can hang a half hundred on the Cougs Bob needs to buy pie for all Sooner Fans at the Collins Street Bakery.”

Ouch! Half a hundred’s gonna hurt. **



They’re doing a great job of putting Houston (the city) on display. Even featuring Houston singers (Beyonce, Glen Campbell, ZZ Top) and history such as Gilleys. I’d say they’re getting revved up for this game. Of course some of them think it’s going to be a tune-up game for OU.

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