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If you get UH season tickets, where will the worst OU tickets be? This is one I can definitely attend and want extras. Section 646 (third deck?) has about 20 seats open but otherwise, it’s all singles. There are a bunch at the top of 605-06 on the OU side for $45 each but they don’t include tickets in their season ticket plan. Those would be decent ones included in our season ticket plan.

I’m leaning towards getting season tickets but won’t be able to attend more than 2-3 games due to kids’ stuff on weekends and work on weekdays (UofL).

Maybe I just need to call the ticket office?

I have found that it is worth it to buy the season tickets and later sell off tickets to the games I can’t attend. Or you can always donate them back if so inclined. You can post them online through UH or other vendors. As popular as we are becoming, the unused tickets should not be hard to move.
Right now, none of us know where our seats will be located for the OU game. But I assume they will try to locate them similar (ie yard line, upper, lower deck) to where they would be in TDECU.

Agree. I am the only one who goes out of my family and I have 4 season tickets. There are a lot of people that can’t afford but want to go so I give them a ticket and they buy me food and drink. Great win win and I am creating a bigger U of H fan base.


My understanding is this is allotted like a bowl game, so there will be lower tier, 2nd level, and third deck in one particular section of the stadium.

I am hoping to get very comparable seats to my TDECU seats around the 5 yard line but I do realize some of the season ticket holders that are higher donors and currently sitting on the North side 50 yard line seats at TDECU will bump be back in the pecking order.

As a follow up, those who are waiting or procrastinating, you have till June 24 to secure OU game tickets with 7 game season pass.


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Any word on when our seats locations will be finalized.
I have four season tickets but have two non-UH friends who would like to attend this game. Is there any chance of a “trade back” program where I give up my four seats to buy six somewhere else or am I just going to have to that on the 3rd party market?

I would think your 2 friends are going to have to get tickets elsewhere, or try to find tickets from a 3rd party near yours once you get your assignment. I would doubt there will be some trade in program. If you want to go through the hassle, you can sell yours and buy 6 from the secondary market together. To me, it seems that will be alot of hassle and/or money to make it worth it.

You’re only course of action will be selling your 4 on Stubhub and picking up 6 others either right now from Ticketmaster or on the secondary market.

From the CP Online Q&A yesterday the question was answered as follows: Our seats will be in various East side sections and will be allocated based on CP points. Does not matter where your seats are in TDECU, just CP points. Once all tickets have been allocated you can view your OU seat location in you Ticketmaster account.

What’s the median number of CP points? I have around 50 and the ticket office said that’s not too bad.

65 pts here, but someone who is buying for a group would beat us individual holder

Is it based on lifetime points, or current year points?

189 points here. Just checked my account online and they show OU tickets on there but it shows the same section number, row and seats as I have in TDECU. So that is not updated.

I think it is based on lifetime points. We can sign on to the CP Online Q&A next Monday (12:00~ 1:00) and ask the question.