OU to B1G?

Six reasons why OU will join the B1G if invited:

  1. “Nebraska is essentially (with BTN and IMG) receiving 16.4 million for its tier 3 content with zero production cost and has more of its content on television.”

  2. “According to a Wednesday report from USA Today, the league had nearly $759 million in revenue for the 2018 fiscal year.”

  1. Big Ten CRC

  2. High ranking universities

  3. Oklahoma is a poor state. Just a few years ago it was closing grade and high schools across the state.

  4. Conference decisions are made by academics ( presidents ) not athletics.

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OU is not a high ranking academic university. UH was named a tier 1 university 4 years before OU.


FWIW, OU just caught cheating on their reporting for US News rankings.


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You can give a bunch of reasons why UH would join the B1G IF invited as well. The trick is to get invited.


That is BIG…and I dont mean the Conference…

OU will NOT get a B1G invite.

Why not?

Because, as I’ve said MANY times before on this board and others, unless the university’s name includes the words “Notre Dame” in it, the B1G does NOT issue invites to schools that are not, at the time of the invitation, members of the AAU.

OU isn’t even close to attaining AAU status. As others here have already posted, OU became Tier 1 LATER than UH, and is likely behind on AAU metrics as well.

Not happening.

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Texas is the last piece that combines academics and athletics that is in play. We in 10 years are in that realm. Our academics and athletics are on an incredible trajectory but we aren’t quite there yet. But we will get there before the rest of the Big 12.

IMHO our accession as an academic and athletic power is predicated on the city of Houston’s ability to fix the flooding issue. If that gets fixed the city and the University are the next great institution/city internationally. If we muster the Texas spirit of fixing the seemingly unfixable that has defined Texas historically, we will be the greatest city and urban public institution.

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But - they could change that in a flash, if their desire to get into new TV-viewing states becomes more important! Or, if their “getting there first” - before other conferences - is in play.

The state of Texas is almost certainly their goal, and OU is necessary in order to keep all members adjacent to others. Those considerations might become more important than AAU membership!

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“We are the greatest city,
the greatest nation:
nothing like us ever was.”

from “Four Preludes on Playthings of the Wind” by Carl Sandburg

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Mike I love Houston. I am proud of Houston it is my home and the people are the greatest on the planet, we need to fix the flooding. I am not an engineer but if this city can put a man on the moon 50 years ago, we can fix the flooding. Dredge the the Cypress, San Jacinto and Buffalo. If we do that Houston grows UP instead of OUT,

In the 80’s and 90’s we put our engineering skills to fixing (or helping) traffic flow. Now its about water flow.

I love Houston too 51, that’s why I’m still here. It was just that the “greatest city” phrase plucked a memory string for one of my favorite poems – my favorite Sandburg poem for sure. I was fortunate to have had some very good English teachers when I was in high school, and junior high school, that taught me how to appreciate poetry. I owe so much to the teachers I had throughout school. They are an underappreciated, and underpaid lot. I am amazed that we can spend $80 to $100million on a high school stadium but can’t seem to pay the people that really count.

Mike you snd I see things very similarly.

Well that doesn’t fill me with piles of hope. Houston’s solution to traffic flow was instead of building legitimate mass transit systems was too build more room for cars.

Dredging bayous, is a band aid. But until Houston itself can understand that you can’t plow over and concrete every scrap of open field for another damn subdivision. The problems will persist just like adding extra lanes doesn’t actually solve a traffic problem.


Bryant the freeway fix gave way to the development of Katy, Sugar Land, Pearland. Fixing the flooding problem will give way to more development inside the grandparkway. The freeway fix let us grow out. The flooding fix will allow us to grow up.

If you dream a little bit a deeper Buffalo, Cypress and San Jacinto might spur development along each.

But, the B1G? Want proof? Google some of the the things the conference does. When you’re in the B!G you’re talking athletics, academic research, academic alliances between schools. There’s a Big Ten academic alliance. Despite not playing Division 1 sports for years, the University of Chicago is still a member. Do you think the Oklahoma fits into that?

AAU is research oriented. It is not an end all be all, but they do have have a mission. UH is striving to achieve those metrics in order to be considered for membership. The medical school is a big deal in that equation. There are some excellent schools that are not members because their academic mission does not match those of the AAU.

With their academic profile, Oklahoma is more suited for the SEC than the B1G. If I had to bet on one thing happening before another, I would bet on the B1G have non-contiguous states being members, before a non-AAU school not named Notre Dame joins.

I keep reading on this forum about Notre Dame in realignment talk. Didn’t they sign a GOR or long term deal with the ACC? Which means their realignment option is off the table.

The problem is, that the greater Houston area at no point has ever developed in a responsible manor. All those developments have exacerbated Houston’s flooding problems by paving over a small states worth of wetlands/grassland.

Developments along dredged bayous will just result in more pavement filling up the bayous faster. Just like adding lanes put more cars on the road. Solving very little.

To stay in topic though. The B1G does seem to have a pretty set criteria to get an invite. Neither us or OU meet it. So I personally just don’t see it for either one the schools. The cheating in US News is probably irrelevant, that’s a glorified buyer’s good and most schools know that.

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If Harris County issue permits in areas that are flood prone it comes to the office of Harris County. Harvey brought to light the ways permits were being issued. It is as simple as "“would you build a house in a swamp?” The fact that this is still happens today is criminal.
Money talks. I understand what is being mentioned above but at the end of the day the BIG will look at what is better for their pocket book. Research and sports is no longer associated. What counts is how much money the next media rights will bring.
Does a one and done in basketball means research?

The B1G is two pronged. You have to have the market, but you have to have the academics as well. Maryland and Rutgers had the markets, but also had the academics as both are AAU.

This is why it’s so important to gain AAU status. It may not get us into the B1G, but remember conference expansion is voted upon by university presidents. They like money AND academics. A Texas school that is AAU might look awfully good to some conferences.