OU vs UCLA....Looks Familiar

17-0 OU with 3:31 left in 1st Qtr. 2 long drives with Hurts running and throwing for TDs

We looked a lot better than UCLA and we played on their turf.


34-7 Halftime. OU is rolling over UCLA on the road.

WSU is probably the best team in the PAC.

We’ve scored over 30 points against our 3 opponents.

Our schedule is far more difficult than last season when we started 7-1.

We need perspective.


Hurts became the first OU QB to rush for 100 yards in the 1st quarter. Hurts became the first OU QB to pass over 200 yards and rush for over 100 in the 1st half.

We could win 7 games and be light years better than last year. I don’t think people want to admit how bad the schedule was last year.


We scored 24 against wsu


Thanks. I should have stated that we’ve averaged 30 points in 3 games.

Doesn’t really count if we include Prairie View. Against actual FBS teams, we have averaged 27.5 PPG.

I would agree with you if FBS games didn’t count against our record or any other statistical category. Since they do count, then we averaged what we averaged against all opponents thus far.

This lol


Suddenly our loss doesn’t look as bad as some have imagined.



Near the end of the game they were talking about Kelly and what he did as HC at Oregon. He wants to be 3-4 deep with quality depth like what he had at Oregon and what Oklahoma has now.

Oh, and UCLA opened the second half with a time consuming TD drive which was their best D. Milk the clock and keep OU O on the bench. At least that is what the guys broadcasting the game said.

I wouldn’t think it would be wise for Chip to run his balls to the wall offense until he gets some depth or games will get really ugly.

And most of our games are conference games which would support my opinion that our conference sucks.

Really so that massacre that UCF laid on Stanford was just fake. Or the fact that Temple beat Maryland who beat Texas. AAC teams are getting stronger every year.


Bear is a wazzu fans, Delmar, he’s talking about the pac 12.


My error then because the pac 12 is likely to be won by who wins the apple cup game between WSU and Washington.

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Delmar I admit the conference had some good wins yesterday.
I am not a WSU fan. I’m a good Coog fan.

If ours is such a cupcake conference, why haven’t we won it more than once? Why have our conference champ won so many NY6 games? I think ours is a good conference and sure seems to be our peer group when looking at our record against the members.


We haven’t won the conference very often because we have NOT won enough games to qualify for the title of Conference Champ.
The AAC is noticeably NOT the National Champion on a regular basis.