Our culture - in the ny times

This is typical of the nytimes calling it a “macho culture” or even adding the word gay. The press/media is doing everything that they can to change our society to lessen the difference between men and women. Every tv show now has a “message” that everyone is good and that there is no evil and we should all live in equal harmony. What a bunch of GARBAGE.

CTH responded why he does it earlier in the year. He has some Italian heritage and his family members do the same. He thought about incorporating it for the his football team. It is all about a sign of utmost respect for someone putting their body on the line. Hugs or kissing on a cheak is true for all latin cultured countries. It is nothing new, heck the gladiators used to do it too.
Where does the word MACHO comes from nytimes? It comes from…

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