Our First Big 12 win

I think its interesting that our next two chances for our first Big 12 win are against his former Coaching stops. Funny that Dana mentions that our former Tech players haven’t handled returning well. We already have a thread about him getting Smith ready. How do Tech fans feel about Dana? I would think honoring Leach might make the Tech fans miss the old days. This has got to be a huge game for Dana.
Next we get an extra week to prepare for WVU. We all know the history there. And the same thing as Tech, we have some WVU transfers.
What are the chances we look unprepared for these games?
What are the chances we are too emotional and play stupid?
To the fans that have given up, or think Dana is phoning it in, these next two games could show you something

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Let’s hope we show up with a SHSU vibe and not a Rice vibe.

Punch 'em in the face early…and hope that their injured 2nd string QB who had a bad game against WVu is even worse against us!


Think we’re about to witness the Sub Mediocre Bowl

Dana gets extra motivated when we play Tech because he was alledgedly passed up for head coach twice.

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Instead of running the ball down the middle 30 times a game we do it 40. and throw Fades backed up to our endzone


Ugh and we were the dummies who didn’t pass up on him.


How is Tech feeling about Joey?

it just might work with parker jenkins

Waiting on Dana’s signature win…

VERY positive. A brother is a Techie and there is lot’s of optimism up there.