Our next 2 opponents are desperate and good

Temple and UCF have fallen right below the bubble

if we beat Temple their at-large chances are realistically done…this game is defining their season

if we beat UCF their potential bid is put on an emergency life line, they still have no q1 wins…and would need a miraculous run to still get in

these games will be really telling and will give us an early glimpse into how we will fair against teams with a tourney like mentality (playing knowing everything is on the line)…ucf/temple will likely be a similar caliber, likely better than our tournament opponent if we are a 3-5 seed


I like that the team has a week without a game between Temple and @UCF. Thursday will likely be a tough, physical, emotional game. Corey has been tweeting about it since the end of the game @Temple. That week should give them time to get ready for UCF. Plus, it will give Brady some more time to recover as well.


Temple will be tough.


Call me crazy if you want, but I think we roll both games. Team is gonna play up for Temple big time, and I wouldn’t be surprised if that ends up being our most complete game to date. As for UCF, they have always been overrated in my book. Their best win is a 5 point win over Temple and while yes, they beat them and we didnt, they had them at home and I probably don’t need to explain about the refs we dealt with. They played no one of any note ooc and as far as common opponents go our wins were bigger margins and they’ve lost to teams we’ve beaten. Coach will have us ready no matter how desperate they are.

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It might be a close game but I’ve never seen Temple get very physical. Their length might bother us some but they’re not going to out-muscle us.

We’re gonna roll them!

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I’m interested in seeing how tue Temple game is officiated. If it’s anything like the last time we played, or the USF game, we’ll need to hit our FT’s and knock down more 3’s to win.

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Me too; but first, I want to know WHO will be officiating the game. THAT should answer all our questions!

The refs help Temple win the game let’s hope it does not happen again.

Sampson has his team focused and rolling. I don’t see us losing a game the rest of the regular season, except possibly to UC on the road.

Cincinnati rolled Temple on the boards.

They depend heavily on 2 players both talented and fan make tough shots but they cannot survive on them. Last game Moreman had a career game and they still blew the lead.

When playing at a high level of competition we will always need to hit threes and free throws.

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I am licking Chops now, Temple is food!

I think we win by 15-ish but I look for us to come out over-juiced and miss a lot of shots early, then settle down in the last 7-8 minutes of the first half and pull away in the 2nd half.

But if we hit 67% of our threes out of the gate, cripes, I would almost feel sorry for the opponent. Almost.