Our remaining schedule

Rice is a toss up after what I watched against tech and seeing them compete against Arkansas.
Grambling we win but not as big as we should.
Navy always gives us trouble. Our arm tackling against tech should worry us against Navy. This could be a toss up.
Tulsa Jeez if we don’t destroy them…
Tulane this is an L.
East Carolina is terrible. We bounce back from the Tulane loss.
SMU and Sonny Dykes our coaches us. Another L.
South Florida is terrible. This one will be a tight win.
Temple see South Florida.
Memphis beats us.
UConn we end the season on a win to get ready for the New Mexico Bowl. Can’t fire a bowl bound coach!

7-5 is very realistic.


I expect 15k or less for grambling game.

Cant fire a bowl bound coach? Applewhite and Levine both went 8-5 with much better qb play and got fired.


What will happen if UH beats Rice by a one score or even worse if Tune throws 2-3 interceptions (one pick 6) against Rice? UH loses and has their Home opener against Grambling.

Rice can beat UH. Less talent but well coached. Last year they defeated Marshall 20-0. So? Marshall was ranked, 7-0 before that game at home. Oh, and Marshall embarrassed Navy 49-7 yesterday.

Best thing or worst thing that could happen is if no QB change is made and UH is 1-1 or 0-2. Less than 10,000 fans show up for Grambling.

Hey Tilman, several HS had more fans at their game that UH had at their home opener. Hey, you guys really believe you should be in the BIG12 with that attendance.

Make no mistake if we get Tuned then Rice can beat us. They have beaten us before. I expect us to win because Rice is the type of team DH and Tune usually throttle pretty good but I’m not so sure the win comes easy next week!

Oh come on. Are we really talking about getting beat by RICE? We will walk all over them. If this is the state of the program, where we talk about being beat by Rice, we are in some serious trouble folks. We get beat by Rice and Dana should go. Right then and there as the clock winds down to 0.00

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You are just now realizing that our program is in serious trouble? Welcome to reality over the past three years


We have trouble with Tulsa during good seasons. 6-6.

I watched them against Arkansas and Rice is legit.


Problem is we’ll face some team from the mountain west in a bowl game that is extremely underrated and we’ll get blown out. That seems to be our m.o.

The Grambling band should get more than that to the game . . . . .

Probably because Holgorsen doesn’t like or prepare his teams for bowl games