Our Schedule Is Collapsing

-Saint louis started great now on a 3 game losing streak against bad teams in not close games
-fairfield was supposed to be a good rpi game has now completely collapsed

  • lsu is looking so hot either
  • new orleans is 1-4 (was supposed to be a good rpi game)

we are at a point that if we legitimately want to make the tourney, beating one of arkansas or providence is necessity

The season has just begun. Making the NCAA tournament is a long, long ways off. There are no must wins.

there kinda are if you are talking ambitions and goals…lsu could turn it around, maybe wake but the odds are against them…OOC schedule/wins gets judged differently than the rest of your schedule…the committee have numerous times said they have left teams out for lack of quality ooc wins and schedule…arkansas and providence are the likely only tourney locks we play in the OOC…

we could lose to providence and Arkansas and still make the tourney with a dominant in-conference record (3 loss or less) but again was talking about odds and i doubt thats the case

same for tulane…if they want any real shot at the tourney they have to beat unc or florida state. the rest of their ooc is bad

We may have to beat Arkansas; that’s a home game and would hurt more than a loss to Providence at a neutral location.


Just win the AAC Tournament…problem solved.


We havent played well in that tourney for some reason. I went last year and the loss to uconn was baffling. We had beat them 3 weeks earlier, same court, by 35 or something.

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And that loss to Drexel is going to appear on everyone’s bad losses list for a UH team on the bubble. 4th or 5th in the conference won’t get us in.

Exactly, going to have to have wins against some good teams to counterbalance.