Our Talent is Amazing! And…

It is coached by Sampson.

We are 11 deep. And our #4 Big Man(Francis) looked very good!

Scoring over 80 per game, and giving up less than 50.

Tramon Mark! Is he good or what?!

We might lose a game or two. But we ain’t gonna lose many.


Its weird having so many players, hard to keep track of after last season’s basically 6 man rotation! Love it.


I say 10 deep

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For 95% of the season the hardest game the Coogs will have that week will be during practice.

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I can’t wait for the UVA game!

Ready for Alabama, SMU, and Memphis to come to town. Already planning on losing my voice for those games. IT’S GOING TO BE FUN.


I miss going to Coog games so much… But I love these NC beaches and mountains… And I get to see the Coogs at ECU this Saturday… So… I’ll take it.

Go Coogs!