Over/under for College Gameday?

Does anybody know what the AD is projecting for College Gameday attendance?

I’m thinking something close to 3,500 or so would be good, but I really have no idea.

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Count me and 2 of my kids so thats three of us.


Is there a schedule of events or activities for tomorrow?

I just recall when College game day was here for football after about 20 mins my crew was “like, what now dad?”.

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I’m going to get breakfast, then head to Fertitta Center at 9 am. It’s an hour long show, with the half court shot (30 seconds) towards the end via student.

GameDay is more like getting knighted that you have arrived as a program; celebration and getting some Major air time, marketing & recruiting tool for the basketball program. That’s something money can’t buy. Plus, it’s going to be on ESPN, and just imagine the exposure on Twitter and social media too.


Do you guys know if the UH gift shop is open tomorrow? Would love to get the kids some new Coogs gear!

Over. I’ll be there with 7 others

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I’ll be there. It won’t be the most exciting thing, I watch every once in a while and it’s almost not comparable to football Gameday in terms of excitement. At least it’s only an hour, so by the time you get bored the finish line is in sight.

I hope the students show up and we have two-thousands. They’ll probably shoot with the students in the background, and hopefully if we don’t have a huge crowd they lay off the wide shots.

This made me laugh as I can relate a little

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I’d put the O/U at about 1,000. That should fill up the club seats which is where the students will be and probably the 2nd level seats. Might have some people on the end lines. It should look full.

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Derrick - The bookstore in the University Center is open 9 to 3 on Saturday. I believe with UHAA card there is a 10% or 15% discount.


Thanks, that will work for me!