Looking at how few scholarships are left for this year (2?) is it possible that Herman is thinking about over signing and grey shirting some players? Will some of the players that would red-shirt anyway be open to doing that?
Many schools do this regularly, but I haven’t seen the Coogs do it before so I am not as familiar on how this works.

If Herman stays (I hope) he’d have some rich recruiting in terms of LSU commits.

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What is “grey shirting”?

Telling a kid “yo, I’m outta schollies, how about you sit around half a year and do nothing and enroll winter semester and I’ll totally give you one next year after the season. Stay committed bae. You know I love you”

Saban is a master of the year long booty call.


Nice description!

That would be awesome if kids were willing to do that, but I don’t think our program is at that level yet.

That was a hilarious way of putting it. Here is a more serious explanation, but really just says what Jolly said in more thorough fashion: link

Thanks for the education. I had never even heard of that, probably because it’s never been an issue at UH.

oversigning by a couple probably is low risk, we lose a couple anyway via work ethic or off field issues, even academic issues. we don’t have the number of those issues that other schools do but it will always happen.

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Oversigning depends on the players we’re making room for. If a couple of highly ranked studs decide they want to join the party you better believe CTH will make room. Also, don’t be surprised if we have a couple of commits re-open their recruitment. Happens every year.


Dylan Moses has just announced that he is going to officially going to visit Houston on December.


That is great news. That also means it may be his last visit before his Dec 15 commitment. What you see last always leaves the greatest impression. That is why the ending of a movie or dessert at a dinner is so important.

Looks like he also pushed his commitment date back to 1/1/17.


I remember CTH saying they would grey shirt players if they’re up against the limit although it’s not the most ideal way of going about business. He said something along the lines of “if a Ed Oliver decides he wants commit late, you do whatever it takes to get him” namely greyshirting


You know, since commitments change often… you should over recruit.

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