P5 Trolls

As for now I enjoy this new site very much. Not just because of the topics, the posts, etc. But because I do not have to read the numerous condescending posts from UT, TTech, Arizona, and a few other outsiders.

I really do not need some P5 illuminati fan telling Coogfans how inferior they are. How they will never get into a P5 because of lack of market, fans, etc, etc.
Regardless of something strange like facts, national 2016 FB rankings, etc.

If I wanted such abuse I would go to their fan sites. Of course those sites would never put up with such direct insults of their teams. One would be banned after 1 or 2 posts. After all, that is their site and should be respected.

Now, will this site have a quick trigger finger and quickly ban these outsiders to Coog Digest or like the other site, have a “bend over and take it” and if Coogfans don’t like it, " tuff" policy.

Just asking.


I see your point of view, and raise you a free speech.

But seriously some of our best threads are when these jokers come on for a day or two. The only one who really annoys me is Arizona Jim. That guy is persistent and sticks his nose in everything.

Now that Coogfans is not part of a larger network, it will be harder for fans of other schools to post here. They can’t just wander in.

They’d have to register.

Bad intent should become pretty clear early on if an outsider registers here. Trolls will reveal themselves. So will “good guys.”

A lot of the people that raise the free speech issue don’t understand what it means.


Deep down they are just upset because they know they will never be Coogs.


Some of these guys think that some special powers of insight regarding conference expansion and realignment accrue to them because they graduated from a P5 school. Everybody dies, so we all end up even. No worries.

Way too many.

Hey, I got kicked off the Tech site for daring to politely correct some erroneous information about UH. (They refused to recognise how many students live on campus.) Not only are they touchy, they can’t see UH past 1990.

You are right, Dan Daues, [quote=“dan.daues, post:4, topic:527, full:true”]
A lot of the people that raise the free speech issue don’t understand what it means.

What is means is specifically this, "Article 19 states that “Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and
expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without
interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas
through any media and regardless of frontiers.”

Notice the last bit, ‘impart information and ideas through any media’.

Not sure how that could be reconstructed to say that coogfans is off-limits.

The Bill of Rights is full of tidbits that Americans should strive to uphold, even at contradictory positions. I personally believe that firearms are a blight to society, but I will arm-wrestle to the death any gov’t official that tries to take them from my brother/sister americans that use and possess them. If we are ruled by law, let’s follow the law.

And Go Coogs.

When the government comes in to quiet you, then talk to me about the constitution. This is a private board, as such the owner can silence you as much as s/he feels like it. You clearly don’t understand it because it simply doesn’t apply here.


Dezacoog is correct.

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Deza I have read your posts and find you to be generally a voice of reason; I would like to be the same and realize that, regardless of where an idea comes from, we can confront it and discover not only its source but its authenticity. I know some of these guys (the out of towners) come up with some of the craziest shit, but seriously, there is nothing typed that is fearful for an american to read. Our whole set-up is geared to generate thoughts and ideas and to discard the fluff. The whole proposition of ostracizing non-coogs seems a little zenophobic.

I’m with you on all of that. Booting someone just because they’re fans of another team isn’t something I would do. I was simply speaking to the erroneous invocation of the constitution. The govt has no authority here, as a private board, the owner has the authority. And it’s up to him (and us really, depending on how we act as a collective) who gets to post.

As a child of the information age I confuse public/private. All I did to join this was type in a URL. It wasn’t like joining a country club or something. To me this seems like public info, especially since if I did a google search by boolean terms our topics would show up.

As a side, I appreciate all the coogfans info I get, cause I live 2000 miles away and am a die hard.

I think i’m in the minority because I enjoy(ed) the interaction with other fans, especially ones on our schedule prior to gameday. It’s a forum isn’t it? People seem to get all bent out of shape too easily on these sites and wrap themselves in their own world. But at the same time, I could care less about the whole recruiting hype like many do so I guess it’s kinda the same thing. Different strokes for different folks. As long as we don’t have any aggie moderators here, things will be just fine. :grin:

And deza, not trying to make friends. but I just read the comments after your post on the other board, and it seriously reads like an aggie board. I guess all the good guys came here or are just gone.

I have no problem with fans of other schools coming here as long as they don’t begin to make condescending comments or engage in gratuitious put downs of UH. UT4Big12 is a prime example.
Real discussion, including differing pinions is different.
After a couple of the above, I would hope the mods would boot the troll.

Just my opinion.

I do not know what Article 19 the poster was referring to. There is no Article 19 in the US Constitution. The constitution has seven articles and twenty-seven amendments. The first guarantees that the government may not restrict free speech or press. All interpretations are about government restrictions.

First Amendment:
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances. - See more at: http://constitution.findlaw.com/amendments.html#sthash.2WcsWu3p.dpuf

The great problem is maybe 95% of those fans are not coming here just to banter back and forth.

Did anyone else notice that General turd on the other board showed up about the same time as Sellers and he magically isn’t getting booted for his trolling?

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