P6 or bust?

If we played average and above average teams in P5 this year, this Defense; we would be Arkansas or Rutgers. How Did TH get Florida State Under Fisher, Baker’s OU, and Lamar’s Louisville like that. What good P5 team in just the Big 12 would play pitch and catch without a Defense? OK State, TCU, WV,OU ?? We might be a different team with Network Revenues I would hope. We have been spending $

Just to be clear, Texas Tech might be an average P5 team but their offense has been a top 10 passing attack for nearly 20 years. OU and OSU would probably light us up but UT, WVU, TCU have shown nothing that would make me afraid our offense couldn’t outscore theirs.

Now if you want to talk about attendance, yeah, we would be a bottom feeder in those regards. Especially if we were finishing with 8-5 or 7-6 records several years.


Evidently the pollsters disagree with your assessment of our talent.

Finish your thought because it feels like a nonsensical reply whether it was to me or to coogtim.

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It’s good that we have this team pegged after three games – crushing one P5 and losing in a shootout against another. Maryland beat UT and lost to Temple. UT loses to Maryland and beats USC. Tech loses to Ole Miss (hard to judge since the starting QB is hurt early for TTU and FR QB is thrown into the fire) and beats UH. Unfortunately, it will be mid-October before we really know much more about this team. Come back 4-3 after @ ECU and @ Navy then the panic was warranted. Come back 6-1 from that trip and life won’t seem so bad.


It’s a complete thought but let me expound on it for your consideration. You indicated that you were not concerned about the likes of WVU or TCU but you must not have considered that both teams are better than us as the polls indicate. In fact both of those teams are in the top 25 and we are not even in the Top 50. Based on that, you should be concerned with teams like WVU and TCU. Does that make sense?

Your first reply was far from a complete thought. First you mentioned talent and that wasn’t even a topic on this thread. Secondly, I couldn’t even tell if you were talking to me or the previous post since you quoted nothing.

Now that you expounded on your reply, I’ll just add that the final poll before the bowl games last year had Auburn ranked 7th and UCF was still ranked only 12th after an undefeated season. With the obvious bias the polls have on P5 teams versus G5 teams, I don’t take it too serious if they have P5 teams like TCU and WVU rated higher than UH. I just don’t value wins against SMU and Tennessee as much as they do apparently.

Apparently you have great disdain for the polls and certainly that is your privilege. It also appears you don’t value the strength of schedule or appreciate how TCU plays against Ohio State but you are impressed that we score a lot of points against someone you see as middle of the pack Big 12. If your “logic” is working for you please continue just don’t expect the rest of us to buy in. Rock on Shaggy!
Go Coogs!

If you don’t have disdain for the polls, you aren’t a fan of any G5 teams. As for SOS, just use some basic logic. If many of the systems overrate the P5 teams and underrated the G5 teams, anytime two P5s play their SOS gets falsely inflated and anytime two G5 teams play, their SOS gets falsely deflated. By the end of the year, you’ll have a school like UH play two top 5 teams OOC and still be listed as having a 77th ranked SOS because the best teams in the conference started the season ranked 40th or worse.

I get it, you have a stiffy for all things P5. We are G5 and not being P5 doesn’t bother me as I think it will happen some time.
You are really stretching here with your SOS rationale. Even though I always think we are better than we are ranked, at the end of the year inevitably the polls are pretty dang close. You don’t like it because we aren’t in the polls often enough. I don’t mind it because I think the polls are accurate and just wish we were better.
We probably just need to agree to disagree. Can you live with that?

We’ve played two P5 teams. One is a very bad P5 team and we ripped them to shreds. One is a middling P5 team and we got 63 points put on us against 49 we scored (and it probably should have been 42 when you consider that double-forward pass play that set up a TD).

I don’t think it’s stretch to say we aren’t very good right now. The one so-called quality opponent we’ve played has an ugly loss to a bad Ole Miss team on their schedule. So feel free to think the polls are biased, but IMO anyone who thinks we deserved to be ranked is far more biased than the polls.

That’s not to say that we won’t get better and end up having a really good season because we very well might. But right now we’re not good and have a long way to go.

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I agree with you on all accounts including that we can get better.

Is it a foregone conclusion that Arizona is “very bad”? They lost to a G5 with an elite offense and to an independent who beat #6 Wisconsin and whose only loss is to an undefeated Cal team. It’s three games into a season with a lot of unknowns.

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So much FB left to be played.

One season I saw UH losing the second game of the season on the road by 49-14. The game looked like a track meet as the other team had one long TD after another. UH was 4-2 after a 14-7 loss.

But UH went on to win the rest of the games an ended up 10-2 and received the all-time highest national ranking in program history at 4th in both polls.

UH does not have a SWC/P5 schedule left and the toughest opponents will be Navy on the road, USF and Temple at home and end the regular season against Memphis.

UH passing D combined with its O is good enough to win shoot-outs with any of these teams. UCF is capable of scoring on UH like Texas Tech but if UH gets to the CCG and plays them, I hope that our receivers have improved their pass catching and other receivers are developed and get playing time for depth.

It might end up being 77-73 UH but I will take it.
Don’t laugh, last years CCG was UCF winning by the score of 62-55.

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We are just as good if not better than at least half of the P5 teams that were lucky enough to be in one of those chosen conferences. If we were to get into one, the depth and recruiting would put us in the top of any of them.


Well said NOCoog. Also, I fully expect UH to win the conference championship this year. As mentioned before, doesn’t matter what the score is as long as you are on the right side of it.

Nobody argued–that I saw–that we should be ranked. That’s a straw man.

One can argue that polling is less than accurate and likely biased and not argue that the Cougars should be ranked.

Well Mike, with the high powered offense we have now and the defense of 2015 or 16, we could compete with any of those teams ranked. Even #5 and down, we would have a good chance beating them but I can’t say that with the defense we have now.

I will have to reserve judgement on whether the Cougars should be ranked until I see good adjustments from the defense. When I say defense, I mean the secondary.

We are ranked, just not very highly… #62 the last time I looked. Any bias towards a particular team has usually had to pass a sniff test or two along the way in the form of winning ball games by the end of the season. There may be a team or two in the final Top 25 that give me heart burn each year but I think the polls regularly get it right at the end of the season.

Well a good P5 i.e. those mentioned above TCU, OK, OK ST., A&M, LSU would have shut down defenses. Nothing Bad intended on our guys. Ed Oliver has to play under Mark Pinocchio.