Pac-12 Commissioner Kliavkoff joins Ashley Adamson to discuss historic alliance with ACC and Big Ten

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This guy loves the spotlight.

Sounds like they are exploring expansion and he mentioned getting into other time zones. Tomorrow should be very interesting.

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I notice that he said they had already made their decision and would be announcing it in a couple of days. If they aren’t expanding why have a separate news conference just to say ‘we’re not doing anything’?

My opinion is that the pac12 is waiting on fox & espn to provide estimates on whether games within the alliance games gives them enough compared adding teams.

The pac12 already has 118 games scheduled against power 5 teams over the next decade. 44 games against SEC alone. That price is set.

You still need easy games in your schedule verses G5 schools. That is why I think the alliance games may not provide the immediate impact revenue wise that they need.

My opinion is that the pac12 will expand with at least two teams for the central time zone.

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The irony is too great here.

We are going to form a secret club of PAC + ACC + B1G for those very few coveted OOC games to get back a t the big and angry SEC and then the PAC goes and breaks their own alliance in what, 2 days…lol.

I still hope they exp[and with UH!

The whole central time zone idea is to have PAC teams that play in that time zone all year…This would likely be of great benefit to the fledgling PAC 12 network, as well…Playing a couple,of teams in non conference games in September doesnt move the needle, i think…half the time, those NC games are going to be in PAC country, since any series is going to be home and home…If PAC commish mentioned central time zone as important to penetrate, with Ashley Adamson, then we’ll see what he says tomorrow…

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“Historic Alliance”

God bless the press agent that came up with that nonsense.

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