PAC-12 lags WAAAAAY behind in payments per school

Compared to other P5s, and well behind the Big 12.

And to think that there are people here that say we should jump to the PAC if the chance arises.

Good grief.

How dumb.

Read on.

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Let’s see how it works out when Texas and OU actually leave the Big 12.
I have never been for joining the Pac but they do offer USC, UCLA, Arizona, Oregon, etc. The Pac is a very good basketball conference but has been lacking on the gridiron for sometime now…


Very misleading thread title! The AAC is “WAAAAAY” behind the P5, but the PAC is NOT!

The author projected a level of distributions for the PAC that are very near equal to the ACC - with a total difference over 4 years of ~$10 Million (less than 10% difference). That difference is based primarily on the last PAC commissioner’s decision to retain 100% ownership of a conference network in their past media rights negotiations - so you can expect to see this to change in 2024.

Further, the new Big 12 media rights can be expected to go down SIGNIFICANTLY upon the departure of UT & OU - while the new PAC media rights can be expected to go up SIGNIFICANTLY with the likelihood of negotiating a network ownership deal with a new media rights “partner.”

So beginning in 2024, the PAC revenues could very well surpass both the Big 12 and the ACC!


They address this by assuming UT and OU stay in the big 12 through 2024

However, even if they left early, unless there is a key man clause, the income would remain the same through 2024 anyway.

After the big 12 new media deal comes out, and if the annual game with the SEC ends, then the big 12 payout will drop significantly. It’ll hurt for the remaining big12 teams but still be a bump up for us

My understand is that there is no “material change” clause in the TV contract. From the TV network perspective, the whole reason for a GOR is that they shouldn’t need one. But the GOR means that the Big 12 can’t/won’t let UT and OU out of the GOR. Fox has a material financial interest in the GOR, which was a factor in the TV contract. (The same applies to ESPN, but they are on both sides of the table here.)

Likely outcome is that any early departure on the part of UT and OU involve compensating claims of lost revenue. So I don’t believe there is any scenario in which Big 12 income goes down prior to the next TV deal.

I do expect the Pac-12’s next TV deal to be better than the Big 12’s. The Pac-12 is talking about accepting less money in exchange for more control over kickoff times, though, so the difference there may not be a staggering difference.

Reading it, the PAC knows they need to secure a larger chunk of the media rights pie.

Confirms what we all know… More realignment is coming. Stay tuned…

“We have 30 months left, and I’m counting every hour,’’ commissioner George Kliavkoff told the Hotline recently. “I’m exploring every avenue possible (to make changes before the 2024 football season).

“I guarantee it will be fixed in 30 months, but I’m trying my hardest to do it quicker.”


Could mean The Big 12 has a legitimate shot at attracting the return of Colorado.

And Utah could be in the same Conference as neighbors BYU, and maybe Colorado.


The Big12 revenue is expected to decrease significantly after UT and OU leaves while the PAC12 revenue is expected to increase.

With that being said, the Big12 and PAC12 may have similar revenue amounts per school or the Big12 might definitely be a distant 5th place among P5s. In either of these cases, no PAC12 school is coming to the Big12.

Too bad we will have to wait a couple of years to find out.

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What I get out of this article is just how big a divide there will be between the Big 10 and SEC vs everyone else for a long time. Really need them to break off and become the NFL farm system since it is really a few schools in those conferences that totally screw the power balance for FBS college football.