Pac-12 Networks: Analyzing ratings for football, Olympic sports

The issue is the business model, and the information shared here will be limited to what’s relevant to that discussion.

One of the industry sources I turned to for context made three points after seeing the data:

1. “An advertising model associated with Olympic sports is not viable.The ratings are non-existent. No one is watching.”

2. “When a football team is on (the Pac-12 Networks) in its home market, it gets a very impressive share. The Pac-12 absolutely has leverage over the cable provider in those instances. The problem is the best games are on Fox and ESPN — and for good reason.”

3. “It was prudent of the conference to have the best (football) games on ESPN and Fox, because of greater reach. You could put them on the Pac-12 Networks, and that (leverage) might help you add distribution. But your brand will suffer because it won’t be as visible.”

Eight years down the line is a very long time to wait. The PAC12 is looking for answers but it is obvious that they are waiting for the next possible realignment. Even if they wait until 2025 some might argue that this is too late. Do they think they can make a deal with the devil and get uta in by then along with OU and OSU? Well maybe and that is where we come in. ttl has long been tied to the hip with uta but would not U of H make more sense for the entire PAC12? It comes back, always come back to recruiting. Why would the three Teams named above accept that? Again that is why we are not in the small12 today. PAC12 Teams recruits heavily into Texas. Don’t you think the three headed monsters could do the same?
The PAC12 needs better tv times along with a huge City we offer that. Something has to give.