PAC 12 not seeking new schools

He’s not saying yes but he’s not saying no either

“I’d never cheat on my wife, but any Instagram girls with 1M+ followers and loose morals feel free to DM ya boy”


Pretty much

He’s being courteous. They wanted OU and UT, not Okie State and TT. Ain’t gonna happen.


He’s gotta say that. Saying he won’t listen is being rigid and unnecessarily discourteous. And he doesn’t want to look unprofessional at this juncture of his tenure.

But he said no…lol

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Probably a smart move not to advertise if you’re soliciting schools already under contract–might get a tortious interference with contract claim against you.

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Could the Pac-12 Pull Together a Super Conference That Includes OSU? | Pistols Firing (

Includes Houston.

“Similar to Tech, Houston provides an even deeper foothold in the Lone Star State. Houston being a short drive to the Gulf of Mexico makes little geographic sense for the Pacific Athletic Conference, but geography has already somewhat taken a back seat. Houston also has a large enrollment size, meaning a ton of ready-made fans. The Cougars have been positioning for a move up to a Power Five conference for a while now, adding clauses in coaching contracts for raises should the school move up a conference tier.”

"I think the Pac-12 would value Houston over K-State at this point because it would be more beneficial to be in the state of Texas. Reports have come out Friday that Kansas is set to meet with the Big Ten, and if K-State can’t also hop on that train, it could be bad news for the Wildcats.

“Baylor, TCU and BYU all fall in the same category of the Pac-12 being hesitant to add a religious school. Berry Tramel touched on that a little bit Thursday.”

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pearland, did you make this map? Brilliant! I’m not being trying to be sarcastic.


It’s from the article I linked above.

I’m not too good at pasting images.

Thanks Pearland.

Looking at that map, it would be a truly “south” and “western” conference.

If that turns out to be the case, history is truly full of irony.

The PAC-12 values academics, BSU will not make the grade. If Kansas doesn’t get a B1G invite I could see them getting asked. A patsy in football, but a blueblood in basketball and AAU.


If this happens the pac 12 is dead

Stanford is the big dog in the pac now.

All four are AAU schools. Big research budgets. Aligned in culture and institutional values. They could form a pod. If the B1G want parity with the SEC competitively, this would be the move. Probably won’t happen, but that makes sense.

The guy has 12 followers. The tweet is not credible.

He’s not really saying that at all. They can’t openly approach schools currently in another conference because of the risk of getting sued for tortious interference. You can’t approach someone with the intent to damage their contract with a 3rd party. In legal speak, saying “we would be foolish not to listen” seems to suggest they ARE possibly interested in adding schools. It’s pretty much the most pro-expansion thing you can safely say.

I just noticed I overlooked Lawbert’s post above, where he said the same thing.

Claims he got it from

Carnegie Mellon Tier 1 Research and the NEW Med School cannot be emphasized enough here…
These go a long long way in those ivory towers…

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