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In some sense you have to if that ends up being the scenario. You would have to assume the PAC would also offer other B12 members along with us to move into the CST market. If we decline, we possibly remain in a now diluted B12.


I think in the end, there will only be four major football conferences. As it stands right now, I think the Big12 and ACC are the two most likely to disband/disappear/dissolve (after raiding). Our goal should be to be a member in one of those final four conferences. I think the SEC/PAC/BIG are smart long-term investments for any school.


Exactly and until they renew their media contract next June with a GOR, the pac12 will continue to be expansion talk fodder.

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You are right, we would probably be crazy to not take the invite if the PAC offered us, but you shouldn’t be talking about leaving before the ink has yet to dry with the deal that we have just made with the Big12 and we haven’t even become a part of the Big12 yet until 2023. You don’t want to disrespect the Big12 like that by telling them you would leave if the PAC comes calling. That’s just me, I guess. If somebody takes me in as a friend I would never immediately talk about betraying him/her if an opportunity arises for me to do so. I just don’t feel it is right to do that given how hard we have worked just to be in this position.


…USC just fired Helton, with 2 games in. They can’t wait, knowing the contract negotiations hinge on a ViBRANT USC…
PAC is getting its ducks in a row.
I have never said it’s gonna happen.
But for 2 years now, I’ve been saying that UH makes the most sense for PAC expansion.


Does? Who knows. Should, absolutely.

Youtube on UH and TCU to PAC12. Houston number 1 one choice Here’s the link.

Article from PAC12 report about Houston


Why the angst against Pearland? He posted a poll so what?
The PAC12 by its location is with the SEC and BIG10 the most stable conference. The BIG12 and ACC have been on shaky grounds for years. Every Tuesday we hear and read that Clemson and Miami are going to the SEC. The utau pimp and okie left. There is a reason for it.
Nothing points out for USC, Oregon or Washington for the BIG10. They all have Billionaire benefactors. They do not need the money. By their location THEY ARE NIL.

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You’re talking about being loyal to a conference that has sh!tt3d on us for 27 years… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

While I think the new Big 12 has great potential, have no doubt the other league members would skip the conference if another league came calling.


If the PAC sends an invite, then UH would accept. Who cares if it offends the Big 12. The remaining 8 did not feel bad about the BE with TCU shifting over.

Now the different question should be: which conference would fans enjoy more to be a part of: Playing Big 12 teams or PAC teams?

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That’s a good question. If I’m being honest, UH in the Big 12 feels more ‘at home’ than the PAC. I would actually like playing those schools better. But you have to go with what’s better for the school. You cannot turn down bigger money and being a bigger program when that opportunity comes your way.

And for those that argue that the PAC isn’t ‘stronger’ than the new Big 12, all you have to do is ask this question: Can the Big 12 poach PAC 12 schools? I’d say no.

Can the PAC 12 poach Big 12 schools? All day, every day. And for proof, look no further than the Big 12 schools weren’t looking to bolster the league with UH, BYU, UCF and Cincy. That was Plan C. Plan A was bolting to the PAC or anyone else that would take them.


The same legislature that keep giving us great help to get PUF money?
The same legislature that gave us some amazing help to get into the BIG12 the first go around?
The same legislature that gave us great help to get into the BIG12 the second time around?
What has the legislature ever done for us?
Please explain. Thank you.


The PAC hasn’t exactly been good to us either. How long have we been wooing them, but has always been left high and dry?

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That’s apples and oranges. They’ve never actually expanded into the CTZ but they did swing for the fences in trying to land UT and OU.

The schools that should have the most ill will toward the PAC rejecting them are:

  1. San Diego State- they are the UH like odd man out in California and…
  2. BYU…I imagine the PAC has zero intention of even thinking about adding them

I would think it would be easier to recruit players being in the PAC. Who doesn’t want to play in LA and the bay area?

The reality of the situation is that should the PAC decide to expand, they will expand by more than one school (UH). With the B10 settled in it’s membership and the ACC/SEC being geographic/logistical impossibilities, there is no conference other the the B12 to pull from, therefore if they call we have to go, or will end up in a watered down version of the B12. I project they take UH, TT, OSU, UNLV…Yes my friends there was some truth to that article…

the state has provided funds to UH but not even TT has access to the PUF.

Pac 12 does not need or want Okie State or Tech

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Really this comes down to timing. If they offer this week, no.

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