PAC 12 starts Nov 6

If the championship game is on Dec 18th, you will have a 6 week game schedule. How can you play 7 games in 6 weeks?

Last one folds, no surprise really.

But, unlike the nutty saga of the B1G, this looks (emphasis on looks) much better in the optics front. It might have been as ugly as the 10 but by keeping it in house they look somewhat sane

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Still waiting on the MWC and MAC.

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Would a 6 or 7 - 0 PAC 12 team be ranked higher that a 12 - 0 Sunbelt team in the Covid era???

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No worries, they’ll push back until January/February to keep the big boys happy. As usual.

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No details yet on schedules.

I watch Tucson TV News. Will post when more is announced.

You-Know-Who remains on the hot seat here.

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Each school plays 5 games against the other teams in their division

They play one game against the other division. Not announced who that could be.

Game 7 works as follows:

Each division’s #1 plays the other division’s #1. Winner is their champ.

In addition #2 plays #2, #3 plays #3, etc. to finish their 7 game schedule. But none of these games affect The Conference Title.

No attendance. At all. Zero.

The newspaper also says The MWC will soon announce a start date of October 24th. No other details.


Powderpuff league.


Thanks for the info.

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They need to push back the championships. Lets see how long it will take to figure it out.

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We do not know in details what the conference media contracts are. IMO conferences and especially P5’s are playing because of these. Contracts have clauses. What would have happened if there were no ATTEMPTS to play these games especially when multiple conferences announced they were playing?
I included a few articles from Europe, US pertaining to pro sports media rights/contracts first then the ncaa media rights. It is a lot of information to digest.

Now read between the lines of the SEC minimum roster vs the small12


I think this hurts the p5 teams more because they lose more revenue from loss of ticket sales and games not played. The AAC only gets 7 mil per team and don’t make as much from ticket sales. UH will have 10k out of 40k possible seats and a UT goes from let’s say 25k out of a possible 100k for ex so there loss is bigger.

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They don’t count in college football’s eyes.


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