Pain of missed free throws lingers for Cougars' Devin Davis

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“When I went back out there I was thinking and I took a picture of the free-throw line and rim,” Davis said. “It was just something I’ll never forget. I take my hard times … I always try and learn from them and remember them because it helps me better myself for the future.”

What does Davis plan to do with the photo?

“It’s just a reminder of where I’ve been and situations I’ve been in,” he said. “I just have to learn from it. I felt like it was a blessing either way if I would have made it or missed, because the next time I step to the free-throw line I’ll hopefully be more ready than I was.”

Devin was not the ONLY Cougar to miss some free throws in that game - or regular shots either. He should concentrate on what his teammate, Rob Gray, said: “We would not have gotten as far as we did without Devin!” And he had the second highest score in that last game too.

Devin played GREAT - all year!

Always remember that no matter how good you are, or how well you play - - LUCK wins out every time! And Michigan ran out of luck in their game against Villanova!

In fact, they used up their entire year of luck when they hit that winning shot - from the next county - in their game against us!


He was 9/12 from the line that game. 75% vs 67% for the season. I got no complaints. He did a great job.


Agreed. I left the arena upset about the loss, but not about how Devin and the other young men represented the University of Houston.


You’ll never have to worry about that as long as Kelvin is our coach


Just before Devin missed the freebies he came up with a tremendous rebound against the bigger Wolverines. He played his heart out and along with Gray was the main reason we were in it late…


On the whole, we need to get better as team from the line next year. We shot 71.4% for the season good for a tie at 166th out of 351 teams, better for the post-season at 73.9% good for 53rd out of 136 teams.

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