Palm has us behind Virginia for 2-seeds

LOL, doesn’t he realize we won at Virginia and have an otherwise strong profile?

Jerry Palm is the epitome of “let me copy your homework but make it look different” to Joe Lunardi. People only pay attention to Palm because they have nothing better to do and crave something basketball.


Funny way of putting it but completely agree.

Agree… he has been hating on our seeding for a while…

Texas losing last night at Tech should take care of that.


Nope…quality loss only bolsters thier resume…


Except Tech was 2-10 in conference play.

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Yup. But the Longhorns are still somehow the top 2 seed while Tech will be pushed into at-large talks despite their god awful NCSOS

Are you new here? Or just trolling? Being serious.

Most of the time you start a thread that either has no point or is just meant to piss people off.

For the last several years it has been discussed ad nauseam that Jerry Palm is a worthless hack….


Well, at least he had the wherewithal to not try to explain this complete garbage. Maybe he was hoping no one would notice? :joy:

Coogfans will never pass up an opportunity to play victim.


Ignore the troll above

Thanks for reinforcing my point about the thin skin around here.

88% of bracketologists have us as a 1 seed.

While he has us half-step away from being a #3 seed… out of touch with reality.