Paper City Piece

I had not seen this posted


Chris putting out great stuff. Reminds me of the old days when the local paper knew their readers were fans.


Every single quote in article that came from the players was in the Post game audio that was made available few days ago. J/s


That can be true. But I’d hazard a guess that 99% of sports fans in Houston don’t watch post-game press conferences.

He quoted Silas in there too. So, you know…


Maybe so. I certainly do. I go find it. Again I’m not picking on Chris, although it may seem like it. But I’m guessing 90% of Coog backers have never heard of Paper City or heard of Baldwin. I’ve lived in Burbs for long long time, I had never heard of either. Anyway more exposure for the Coogs can’t hurt.

I think he puts all of the Chron sport writers to shame, including you know who! If I were asked to pick a side between the Joseph Duarte/Chris Baldwin spat, I would have to side with Chris simply because I like the quality of his articles more than JD’s. Of course, that’s just my personal preference, people may disagree.


I posted it earlier… :wink:

Fabian deserves more than one thread, though.

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But did you learn that Fabian White’s nickname is Fabs in the post game audio?

That’s what Papercity brings… Fabs!

Great! :roll_eyes:

Why does it have to be a competition. They both write for UH. JD writes good info all the time that we post pretty regularly, he breaks news most times and if the papercity gets clicks and continues putting out UH articles its because it brings clicks and he’s a fan.

JD is limited to what he can post before the school or if he has permission to do so. If he does it then they won’t trust him anymore. The Chron post whatever they think is newsworthy

CB has been writing for us consistently since Fertitta opened (that I’m aware of) the paper city has a lot of interesting things on it. They post a bunch of fashion luxury stuff (so that’s a good thing to be mixed in there) and his style is more story telling. It paints a picture for you.

Bermans info is pretty spot on 95% of the time.

They’re all good writers in their right. Lets support all 3 instead of picking sides. Can’t run off the few people we have.


The barnacle has sports writers? I thought they only printed stuff from “Burned Orange Notions” and “t

Paper city is a completely different kindo of publication from the communal. So glad they found an angle on UH sports. Its proving beneficial for both parties.


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