PAPN: Ticking off the entire state of Texas, one fan base at a time


How much of a talent advantage can Cincinnati build in the AAC?
The AAC Champions League and what happens if UConn really wants to go to the Big East in basketball?
Is ECU a lost cause?
What’s Army’s end goal, conference-wise? (~22:00)
Does Saban hit the same heights if he had stayed in the Big Ten?
Jalen Hurts is pretty good, you guys (~31:30)
Lee Corso is 90 freaking years old
The new kickoff rules vs. the old Greg Schiano proposal (~41:00)
Looking to adopt a pointsy team scrapping to make a bowl? UNLV and Nevada are for you!
Who’s Jeremy Kelly?
What does the casual fan expect of Mississippi State?
Houston, Kendal Briles, and clinging desperately to a moment (~54:30)
The 2009 Big 12 championship and the ultimate Cincinnati what-if
”They draw straight lines in Texas.”
Whoops every school in Texas hates us now (~1:08:00)