Was easily our best defender Sunday night. Got held all night long and still made plays and would have had a few sacks if not for the holding.


Williams played lights out as well.


Pearland guy!!!


I thought Payton Turner played well. It looks like he has taken that next step. His lateral speed needs improvement, and I think he could be elite with his size.


Parish was overmatched bad… He looked so small out there.

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Damarrion Williams was targeted 5 times and gave up one completion for a short gain. I LOVED what I saw from him Sunday night. I thought he was easily the best defensive player on the field.


Yeah. Demarion looks great. Stuard and Payton Turner also always seemed to be around the ball. We are going to be ok once the level of competition comes back to earth.
OU is a legit contender for the nattie.

Going up against a future first round WR. They need to run man coverage on his side of the field the rest of the year because he can really cover!

I tend to agree and I disagree with the people who say he is slow. He isn’t. But, he is too small to be on the LOS every play, imo. His speed is why they had to hold him.

Yep, he just got pushed around way too easily.

Sorry but Stuard was constantly trailing the play as was most of the second level of the defense. OK was bigger and faster and far superior to the 2016 or 2019 OK team. Their defense was flying around the field and Hurts is no drop off from Murray.

That said, we now have film to study performing against someone other than one wearing Cougar Red. Assess our strengths and focus on weaknesses and correct them.

I’m expecting Payton Turner to have a break out year. Wish he wasn’t held on every play or he would have come up with a sack or two against OU and maybe a couple more TFL.

Giving up 10 yards a play, you will never win. Hurts was 14/16 in the
first half, only missed the two because they were not wide open.
He ran at will for 100 yards in first half, getting 16 first downs!
Are we that bad or is he that good?

Parrish is like Rudy!!!