Will get an opportunity to play in front of NFL scouts at the Shrine Bowl.


Congrats to Derek and Twinmom!!

I think with him playing all year, we would have won a few more…


That’s great news on a day when we needed some good news. I’m glad to hear he’s healed up and will be ready to play in that game.


I pity the fool that tries to run past Mr. Parish!


Awesome! Go get 'em big dawg!

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Can’t stop him. You can barely contain him.

He’s not fast; he’s sudden.

He’s playing chess; the opponent is playing checkers.

He’s a great player; you have to run at him.

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Unleash the Beast Mr. Parish!

Congratulations! :balloon::confetti_ball::tada::champagne:

Keep the Momentum going!

Go Coogs!


Is he available to play in our bowl game?

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I think he could go as high as middle of second round. There have been some great NFL players taken there (e.g., Michael Stahan, NFL HOF and certified TV star).

I would love for Houston to take him, but then I like him too much to see him stuck on the Texans.


He is supposed to be fully released next Thursday.
Then he is able to start training again. The Shrine Bowl is in February I believe. They are interested in what he can do at FB aside from DE/OLB. He’s just happy they invited him.


Can’t think of a more deserving Coog!


Thank you :blush:

Like what the Texans are doing with Troy Hairston? He was a talented linebacker that is now playing fullback.

That’s Awesome

The key is versatility. NFL rosters have limited spots and if a player can play two positions, it increases the player’s chances of making the roster and may save the team a player’s salary.

Special Teams will get you in the door. With FB, blocking and picking up the blitz will get you noticed. With DE/OLB, it sounds very basic, but you have to make plays.


Congrats to Mr Parish. Yes I believe if he wasn’t injured I could see us with a couple of more W’s in the win column

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He richly deserves these NFL opportunities! He earned them .
Best of luck to you all.
Go Derek !

Awesome! Congrats and best wishes!

He reminds me of TJ Watt. Quite a motor.