Parking at Memphis NCAA

Will be driving in. Where is the best place to park close to Fed Ex Forum?

Little Rock.


Penny’s parking spot should be available.



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Go to Memphis basketball forum and ask them. Very friendly towards UH fans.


Man, y’all are brutal!! lol


Yeah, they will be at the games in droves to support their old conference mates. :rofl:

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I was thinking about the venue- Cougar players are familiar with it- don’t know if that’s an advantage or not but it seems like it would help.

I also could see a few Memphis fans buying a ticket (or getting a free ticket from a corporate giveaway) to see the games and cheering against the Coogs but I doubt it would be a significant number. In other words, I don’t foresee crowd size to be a factor at all.

Memphis fans gonna be packing out LA Fitness for their CBI game that night?

We parked in a garage 1 or 2 blocks North of Fed X. Don’t remember if we paid, but they have electronic pay machines. Easy walk.

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