Parking Question

Any recommendations for parking for Tulsa game? Bringing a total of 10, and will be meeting others at game. Others are not familiar with UofH, so want to pick a location convenient for them.

Parking marked in blue is your best option.

The 12B lot, or the 16 lots?

12B you’d access from Wheeler or Cullen because the Scott entrance is gated. Those dont usually fill. 16BDG you’d access from Elgin. The entrance closest to orange garage is club side side and entrance closest to green lot is student side of stadium (If that factors in your decision). All 4 cost $10. If you want to park for semi free i’d suggest getting there early, paying Holman st meter till 6 and walking it to the stadium. I dont think they block that off but i could be wrong.

Thanks, I really appreciate it.

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You can also park on Holman across Scott. It’s a lot easier going home and it’s free.

But you risk your car getting stolen, unfortunately. Though I guess that is a risk on both sides of Scott.

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Then I guess I’m due for it to get stolen since I’ve been parking over there for years if you include football games.


Where is this exactly. I always park on corner of Elgin/Cullen . I live in Cypress so can get off on Scott or Cullen.

Holman/Scott. There are also abandoned lots where several fans park. For pregame sellout announcements, though, there are guys out there charging for those little lots.

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Parked there last night. Turned right on Holman n parked in open lot to right. Good knowing about for Basketball gms.

I saw cars pulling into the parking garage last night. Is the garage always available for basketball parking ?

Why are handicapped people FORCED to park on the upper floors of the garage? The ground floor is almost empty every night! Parking on the upper floors forces handicapped people to walk twice as far to use the elevator - or they are forced to use the stairs.

All they have to do is let those people enter the garage at the entrance nearest Scott Street! Such a simple solution to a major problem - but impossible, it seems, at UH!

It is, but only for folks with orange passes or handicap passes.

@EatEmUp Does seem a little strange to have handicap park on the 2nd floor. Might be something to bring up to Pez. That’s where I park and it isn’t fun when I’m not feeling great.

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Who have you contacted about the handicapped parking situation?

So according to my SO who is a first responder. The reason might be that if there was an emergency downstairs and it was packed there would be no room for any First Responders to Enter. As opposed to being on the second floor. Because its never just one emergency vehicle there.

It seems like a safety issue not a convenience one.

Cougar Pride, the Ticket Office, the University Police, and way too many others to remember their names. No one pays ANY attention - nor gives me a reason either. Disgusting!

As for the ground floor filling up - nope, not possible with handicapped people; there are not anywhere near that many!


Handicap parking for football is on the bottom level of the garage so it’s strange that it’s on the 2nd level for basketball. Would make more sense to switch it if you’re going to do that since the elevator is closer to the football stadium.