Parking Swap - Have Garage But Looking For Green

Hey Coogfans,
Just like last season, CP/Ticket Office f’d up my parking. We were supposed to have all green but they sent 3 green and 3 parking garage. Ticket office said green was sold out so hoping there are some in the same boat but wanting parking garage instead.

Looking forward to football!


I’d be interested. But why the change? Is it hell getting out of the parking garage?

Difficult getting out of garage. We have been allocated garage from the first year, but down graded each year so we can tail gate.

We have a large group (29) and prefer tents and cookouts.

Which games did you receive the garage for? I’d be interested in swapping as well.

I’ll make the swap.

I’d be interested in swapping. I need to check which lot I am in tonight when I get home.

I’d be interested as well.

I have 3 garage for all games. Looking to swap for 3 green.

I have green and am interested in garage.

Averroes: Awesome. Full season correct? What part of town do you live/work? We can swap next week.

Ooohhh I got confused. I thought you meant they sent 3 green passes for 3 games and 3 garage for 3 games. I’ll swap my greens for a set of garage passes

I have one full season green lot. I live in Sugar Land, work in the Galleria/Bellaire area.

Next week swap sounds great. Many thanks.

Remember they have shuttles this year. Hopefully, this helps folks get to the stadium early.

I have a stadium garage parking pass. I’m looking to swap for a green lot. Can anyone help me out?

How many?