Parsed Sports / Kenpom

I recently subscribed to and to Kenpom (for wagering purposes). I actually like Parsed Sports better as it its a little more tailored to my needs. They both have us as #1 and Parsed Sports has a live bracket that has us winning it all. Here is a snapshot (from their twitter, so not firewalled).

We have been #1 pretty much all year long and have been the NCAA champs on their live bracket most of the year. I think its good Omens when multiple computer models are favoring us!


I think losing Arceneaux has to dampen those thoughts

Not me. I still think the Sweet 16 is the BASE for this team. Damn, the program has come a long way. Just one more hurdle.


Way too early to be thinking about “winning it all,” anyone who does is just speculation. Not even educated guesses at this point.

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After what Samson did with that 22 team, it’s never too early to start talking about coogs potential in the tournament.

I’m hoping for 14-4 or 12-6 in the big 12 !!

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I’ll go for 14-4. Loss @ KU, @ Baylor.
1 loss @ FC & another loss somewhere else… possibly @ ISU.