Past, Present, and Future

I’ve been a Coog fan since the UH/UCLA game in '68. Over the years I’ve reveled in the glory days of Coach Yeoman and the SWC, and endured the misery of many years of mediocrity. Herman gave a lot of us old-timers hope that we would once again take our rightful place in the college football landscape. Herman gave us that moment - and there was both excitement and hope that we were back. Having said that, it pains me to watch us lose that traction and slide down the hill into the ranks of the ho-hum teams.
I like CMA - seems like a good guy, just like Levine - but I think it’s time to bring on a seasoned coach and staff who can do for football what Coach Sampson is doing for Basketball. The clock is ticking…



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I agree. As hard nosed as it might be, Applewhite is NOT the winner we need. What really good team did we beat this year? And ended up loosing 3 of the last 4 games.

If he stays, another year will be wasted! Because next year will be far worse than this year. Further and further into becoming irrelevant. Cut our losses now and let him go!

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Dickey was a seasoned coach, so was Penders. You have to hire the right coach. Also, basketball is significantly easier to turnaround than football. There’s no second tier like P5 vs G5.

Art was a new coach, so was Sumlin and so was Herman. Applewhite has one more year and a brutal schedule coming up.

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LawHall74, we played UCLA for the first time in 1977 at the dome where we won 17-13. But, that is still a long time.

I don’t know how CMA will turn out, but I certainly think it is too soon to tell. I also think he will do well in the long run.

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I think he was referring to the basketball game in '68.

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CMA is in No Man’s Land…coming off couple so-so seasons and facing a tough OOC. Zero buzz about the program at present, falling attendance and a AD that didn’t hire him. Tough spot but no different than us in the real world, when you don’t hit your quota The Man doesn’t care about excuses or why just that you didn’t get the job done

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$7.5 million for a head coach and another 6 or 7 million for other coaches will get you what you want. All you need to do is come up with $14.5 million dollars in donation to get the job done . . . . .

No you don’t. UCF. Is showing you how

So all we need to do is hire UCF’s Administration and Athletic Director ? ? ? ? ?


Mike, i know you’re a long timer. Can’t believe when you read UH/UCLA 1968 you don’t immediately think of the Game of the Century!:roll_eyes:

I stand corrected. It seems that Alabama is getting it done for only $5,957,552.00 this upcoming year . . . . . Compared to eATMe, they are getting a bargain for their coaching staff, excluding head coach . . . . . $11 mil for Saban . . . . .

Applewhite’s biggest sin as a coach in the eyes of some on this board is really easy to point out… he came right after that Jackwad, Judas.

That piece of manure had one good season here… One season! Get over it! In the end, he screwed this university and the football team over, and you guys can’t get the taste of his junk out of your mouths.

One good season. That’s all he had. That’s it.

If there is a lack of excitement, that is because of the “I want it now” crowd that act like a bunch of spoiled whiners.

Return back to where we have been?!? We already are there. Winning seasons, bowl games, in the hunt for championships and winning a trophy every handful of years, exciting offenses, etc.


Didn’t Dr Khator say 10-2 is what is expected? 8-4 gets you fired?

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Yeah, and that quote has been blown way out of proportion. Each season has to be taken by itself to determine if we underachieved or overachieved.

Last year, we underachieved. This year, with the injuries, we didn’t over- or underachieve. I think we were right where we needed to be considering what happened. Next year, anything more than eight regular season wins will be overachieving with that schedule.

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I agree that 8 wins is going to be a tough row next season…but…right or wrong he won’t survive a 8 win or less season. We both know that record equals a half empty TDECU

That is because of ignorant fans, not because of coaches.


Ignorant fans? No. People have choices. The students have choices.


Some make bad choices.

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Our Chairman said the same thing.