Patrick Paul going into NFL Draft

As expected he would do. Good luck to the young man! #GoCoogs


Good for him. Good luck Pat!


He’s gonna be awesome to watch grow in NFL!

UH getting some real pub on the national stage with OL improvement

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Big time stud and big shoes to fill next year. Wish him the best, exciting to have so much Cougar talent in NFL and NBA nowadays…

He’s a good one! Should do well in NFL…fun to watch who drafts him.

He’ll be missed. Good luck to him! I Can see a team like the Jets drafting him. They need linemen.

Great luck to him. IMO he has just scratched his potential. He is a superstar in the making.

Paul’s NFL draft stock is very high right now, possibly first round, and he is healthy. No use risking a torn ACL next year and possibly dropping and missing out on millions. He has been here since 2019 and has earned his degree, isn’t that what college is supposed to be about? I wish him all the best and thank him for all he has done at UH.


I wish Paul luck no matter what he decides. UH did its part- he has his degree.

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Well deserved! Good luck on the next level!

Can he take #74 with him? Will reduce holding penalties by 2/game.

He came back this year after talking with his brother (who plays for the Commanders). Big bro obviously knows what it takes to make it to the NFL and now he’s a potential 1st round pick.



I don’t care much for pro football, anymore, but I love to see UH players do well, and get paid.


He’s 76. Unije was 74.

Big Patrick ringing up the 1st team B12 OT love.
Nelson Ceasar also on both 1st teams.

Alejandro Villalobos did it for me…no mas…

Looking at the OSU record this year and their losses, like losing to South Alabama 33-7, I expect UT to have this game in hand and will pour it on to try to impress the CFP selection committee.

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I know. I’m saying he needs to take the guy wearing 74 to the nfl with him and we would reduce holding penalties by 2/game. Progress

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#76 was a flag machine last year. I don’t remember seeing him get a flag this year. We need #74 to make that jump.

#74 Unije is a senior and was in the guys introduced on senior day.