Pawd Slama Jama - Quannas White interview

A lot of good insight on the guards


got around to listening… this is probably the first interview I’ve seen with real insight on the younger players

I know we used to have debates here on which new player would have a bigger impact and this interview made it very blatantly obvious. Coach Q was asked if anything had stood out about the new players, and the 1st thing he does is rave about Robbie’s relentless motor and work ethic for 5mins…and later brought up his athleticism…and only briefly mentioned the other pllayer saying he is coming along, he is a freshman making stride and will be good in the future

I loved hearing that he thought taze could be one of the best defenders we’ve ever had under sampson… i knew he was good on D but he defended mostly bigs at CSUB and i had some worries. glad that to hear the transition to being a perimeter defender is going smoothly

i also like that he noted our 3 main guards aree going to and prove they are better than the box placed on them, sasser can play the point, tramon can shoot and edwards isnt just a shooter but a 3 level scorer

Robbie defense and athleticism can definitely give him an edge in playing time over Walker. Robbie has been shooting 1000-1300 shots a day, from midrange to 3 pointers. I think people are going to be surprised with how well he shoots the ball. If he’s knocking down open shots, Robbie would definitely get the nod over Walker

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CKS mentioned in that YouTube video awhile back Robbie was going to play. He definitely is the new Hinton of the program. Straight up energy and a dog that is going to be annoy the other team.

The Taze info made me feel better in general. Depth is going to be a key this year especially in the nonconference.

I’m waiting on the intel on Shead to see how big of a jump he has taken.

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We already know 5 guards are playing and we know of 3 bigs who will rotate.

The opportunity may be some minutes as a 6th guard or take some of Roberts min as a 4th big.

One other consideration is for him to earn some time as a 5th guard ahead of Shead and we use Mark to run the offense.

On a side note, We have the greatest collection of Famous Alumni athletes in the country.

Fred Couples, Hakeem Olajuwon, Carl Lewis, Clyde Drexler, Elvin Hayes


like Jim Nantz said, We have the greatest university in the country.